The Ultimate Self-Care Day

The Ultimate Self-Care Day

Sit back, relax and inspire yourself. Yep, you heard me right: inspire. As much as a self-care day should be a day to sit back and be stress free, it should also inspire you to feel your best and continue with healthy habits that you can hopefully continue with as part of your daily routine. Here are my top tips for the ultimate self-care day.

Use Your ‘I’m Saving This For Another Day’ Items

Everyone has them: the things you want to ‘save for a rainy day’ or save another day when there’s something coming up and you want to use them before the event. Here’s the sign you were looking for: use them! You’ve been wanting to use them for a while, so just do it! These items could be a really good face mask (I love the ‘Oh K!’ masks so much, and they’re massively reduced in TKMaxx sometimes, if you can find them), a special bath bomb, the out-there eyeshadow or lipstick – make yourself feel good! That’s the point of a self-care day.

Do Your Full Skincare Routine

And I mean the whole thing – do every step and take the time to take care of your skin. You’ll feel so much better about yourself after you do it. If you’re looking for some inspiration or new products, check out my previous post.


Everything you do should start and/or end with a cup of tea! It just sets a nice tone and mood. I pick my tea depending on how I’m feeling at the time, or what time of day it is, so I find that herbal tea in particular relaxes me in the evening. If I have a stomach ache (which I am quite prone too actually) or I just need something soothing, I opt for fennel tea with a couple spoons of honey to sweeten it. My other favourite herbal teas are lemon & ginger, chamomile and moringa. During the day, if I don’t fancy herbal tea, I normally opt for English Breakfast, Earl Grey or just normal PG Tips. If you’re not a tea person, try sticking to one coffee for the day.

Be Productive

Is it just me who feels bad after doing nothing all day? Do a little bit of work (catch up on some uni work for an hour or so for example, just so you don’t feel like you’ve done nothing), or clean that room you’ve been meaning to tidy up for a while. If you want a completely chilled out day, you still can do that. Being productive can be making your bed, or cleaning up your desk a little. It doesn’t have to be long, but a little effort can make you feel like you’ve accomplished something that day, allowing for a more stress-free day.

Stretch And/Or Exercise

Again, this doesn’t have to be long – my exercises never are. A home workout of your choice could be ideal to release some stress and excrete endorphins for the day. Let’s be honest: how often do you regret working out? I tend to do 20 minute interval HIIT workouts from youtube (workout challenge blog post coming soon!). If you prefer yoga, I’ve heard it’s a very relaxing and enjoyable exercise which is actually much harder than it may look! If you don’t feel like working out (which I often don’t), do some stretching. Stretching is a great way to release tension and improve your mobility: I do this before and after working out, and I feel so good after stretching. Just feeling the muscles work is a great way to get the blood circulating and feel so much better about yourself.

Eat Foods That Make You Feel Good

There’s nothing worst than eating something then feeling like bloated and unenergised whilst sitting on the sofa. Eat foods that make you feel good and that will make you feel uplifted throughout the day. I often choose to eat fruits, yoghurts (check out my banana and honey granola recipe for a nice breakfast/lunch option!), pasta, chicken, vegetables etc. Foods that don’t make me feel good personally are, for example, too much chocolate, Doritos and ham and cheese toasties (if I’ve had them day after day, otherwise I love them). I also hate eating till I’m stuffed to the brim, even though I do sometimes. The pattern with all these is that I love all these foods so much, but in moderation: too much of them makes me feel unhealthy and bloated and full. Which leads me on to my next point…

Treat Yourself!

I’m definitely not going to diet on my self-care day! Of course I might have a few Cool Original Doritos (the best flavour, not even up for debate), but not too many that will make me feel like a whale afterwards. Everything in moderation! However, ‘treat yourself’ doesn’t only apply to foods, but to how you’re spending your day – go the extra mile today! Binge your favourite TV series, paint your nails, put a hair mask on, have your favourite drink. The list is endless! Just do something you don’t usually do but really want to.

Reconnect With Yourself

This might be the most important point on here. It’s essential to reconnect with yourself to take care of yourself: remind yourself of what hobbies you used to love that you maybe don’t do anymore; take a moment to breathe, meditate if you want, and reflect on how everything’s going; write down what’s going on and think about where you want to go. It’s important to check in on your mental wellbeing regularly, and what a better time to do it than your self-care day. I find that writing down my feelings really helps, or just writing whatever comes to mind generally: I end up feeling like a massive weight has been lifted, and I can continue with the rest of my day. I’ve also rediscovered my love for drawing: I used to love drawing as a kid, and even though I’m no Picasso, I’ve loved rediscovering the joy and peace I feel from doing it. Other ideas could be reading a book, scrapbooking some old pictures or even painting. Make sure to do things that you may have forgotten brought you happiness, and take a moment to relax and talk your feelings out with friends and family: it’s almost essential to your mental health that you have a loving support system around you.

And that’s it! I hope your much needed self-care day rejuvenates you and I hope these tips helped. Comment below any steps you like to use in your self-care routine.