Designed To Inspire: Why Your Social Media Should Be Filled With Motivation Everyday

Designed To Inspire: Why Your Social Media Should Be Filled With Motivation Everyday

I’ve suddenly been hit with a flurry of inspiration. You know that little bubble of energy that suddenly builds inside you after seeing or hearing something that gives you the urge to do more? That hit me recently and I finally know what inspires me.

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The Group Chat: I Asked 4 Different Women Where They Find Their Inspiration And What Motivates Them

The Group Chat: I Asked 4 Different Women Where They Find Their Inspiration And What Motivates Them

Welcome to the start of my new series, The Group Chat. The Group Chat will be a blog series in which I will ask a selection of people from different backgrounds, upbringings and walks of life a variety of questions. The questions will vary: from everyday life questions to the deep, powerful questions that need to be voiced. I created this because as good as it is to have one person (me) writing about different concepts, everyone is different and will have different opinions or ways of doing things. Everyone’s voice needs to be heard.

Today, I brought up a question which I believe is very relevant during this lockdown period. I constantly hear about people lacking motivation, or leaving things for another day (which is perfectly okay!), but sometimes, we just need that spark of inspiration. However outside of lockdown, lacking inspiration is very real and can be very frustrating.

For this question, I asked it quite generally and broadly: ‘where do you find your motivation and what inspires you?’

Person #1:

I think I find my inspiration in others, especially the people I care about, and seeing them work hard and push to be their best selves motivates me to want to do the same. One of my biggest motivators that pushes me to get out of bed each morning is realising that our future is created by what we do today, not tomorrow. All our hard work, whether that be on ourselves, our education or our career will all pay off in the end. Knowing that I’ll make the people I care about proud by doing and being the best I can be makes it worth it.

“our future is created by what we do today, not tomorrow”

Person #2:

My inspiration is ever changing and growing, although the two main inspirations that have never changed are that of my mum and nan. They show me what hard work and determination can get you and to never let your self-doubt and others opinions deter you from what you want, and to always strive for progress and to never get complacent. They’ve shown me that even through tough times there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

My mums push for success and encouragement (in the form of threats), are what motivates me to do my best and to get where I want in life. Also, the motivation of being successful and making money, so that I can travel around the world, so I can get my tan on and eat all different cultural cuisines – are what push me to aim for success.

“never let your self-doubt and others opinions deter you from what you want, and to always strive for progress and to never get complacent”

Person #3:

I always write a list of things to do that day which is usually quite short – it keeps me on track and it’s nice to be able to actually tick things off. I also find it helpful to do something small in the morning to tick off straightaway as then you’ve started the day off being productive, which always makes me feel more motivated. Also, take breaks – there’s nothing worse than spending hours on something with no break at all (at least for me).

In terms of motivation and inspiration, I think the most important thing is enjoyment. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, be it studying, working out or just general activities, you won’t want to do it. The more you enjoy it, the more you will look forward to doing it, and therefore get it done. Also listening to people talk about what they love, be it either a friend or a family member or just an online talk always makes me feel inspired.

I also take inspiration and motivation from others. If you like what they are doing, copy it.

“the more you enjoy it, the more you will look forward to doing it, and therefore get it done”

Person #4:

My motivation varies from time to time, but I know I can always rely on Pinterest or Youtube whenever I need inspiration – from motivational ‘Study with Me’ when I am not bothered to start any uni coursework, or workout videos when I’ve been lacking inspiration for new moves. However, the quote I always tell myself that manages me to get moving is “get it done now rather than later because no one is else is going to do it for you”. If you have time in this moment right now, why would you want to wait till later when plans may pop up?

“get it done now rather than later because no one is else is going to do it for you”

My Answer:

I normally look at the people around me for inspiration or motivation, whether it be friends, family or people I follow online. Watching other people triumph or even completing small, personal goals for the day, week or month really motivates me. I make sure to surround myself with a good circle of people that have similar goals in life to some capacity: their goals may not even be related in terms of field, but having people that work hard, strive to do their best and have fun doing it inspire me. My parents, who have worked hard their whole life, have engrained in me that no work doesn’t get you anywhere: I was never brought up not to work hard for what I want. No one is going to do the work for you, so you have to do it yourself.

As for procrastination (the reason I’m not acting on any motivation), I always try to remind myself that Youtube and Netflix is always going to be there when I come back, but getting myself to do work that requires deadlines of a sort will not, so just get it out the way and come back.

Do whatever it is you want to do in small portions, set small goals to build up to your ultimate goal. Be realistic in what you want to do, and don’t let other people’s opinions hold you back. As cheesy as it sounds, you need to work to achieve the life you dream of – it’s possible.

I hope you enjoyed this style of post, and I hope it helps with any lacking inspiration or motivation you may have. Remember to look round you: it may be closer than you think. I loved working with all these people and I hope (if they’re up for it) that we can continue to work together more. It was so interesting hearing other people’s points of view on one collective post.

If you have any ideas for more group chat questions you want answered, please leave a comment below or send a DM on Instagram!

What To Watch Next on Netflix – TV Series

What To Watch Next on Netflix – TV Series

Looking for some new recommendations for what to watch next? Look no further! Here are my Netflix current top picks (there’s something for everyone!)


  • The Stranger

Your next binge watch. A stranger approaches a man and tells him a relationship-destroying secret about his wife. Little does he know how much deeper this all runs. Meanwhile, two detectives are investigating an odd case which is closer to home than expected.

  • Dynasty

Adapted from the 1980’s original, Dynasty shows the life of two multi-millionaire families in constant competition for growing their empires and trying to maintain their family dynamics. It’s never short of drama!

  • Prison Break

Controversial for some, but Prison Break is personally one of my favourite TV series ever. It has an unrivalled first series, and as the series go on, the character development is amazing. Seeing the character’s grow and adapt into unexpected storylines is one of my favourite parts. Prison Break follows Michael Schofield in his mission to get into prison and break out his brother who is falsely accused of a crime in which he has received the death sentence. It’s also worth mentioning there are some killer plot twists throughout – you just need to stick it out. Series 5 also takes a massive turn, as it takes place much later than series 1-4. Definitely worth a watch.

  • Gossip Girl

Not for everyone, but this is my other favourite TV series. Even if you don’t think you’ll like it, give it a try: it’s not what you might think. Gossip Girl follows the life of privileged families living in the Upper East Side of New York where no secret is safe – an anonymous blogger is following their every move and releasing their secrets for the world to see. Probably the most drama-filled show I’ve watched, and you’ll end up passionately loving or passionately hating these characters. Definitely a binge watch.

  • Suits

Suits! What a show. Suits follows an insanely smart college dropout who becomes employed by Harvey Specter, one of the best lawyers New York has to offer. The show follows their mission in trying to keep Mike’s (the college dropout’s) secret whilst allowing him to be his associate, despite not having a single law qualification. Not the best description, but if you’re into legal drama’s, this is a must try. Perfect for anyone that’s a fan of How To Get Away With Murder.

  • On My Block

On My Block follows a group of teens navigating their way through high school, relationships and the challenges of living in a neighbourhood with gang violence. The show goes through a lot of ups and downs, and really opened up my eyes to the beauty of black and Hispanic culture, family and relationships but also the downs of that separate area of gang violence, and how horrible it must be to be a teen living in fear of your own neighbourhood. It’s a great watch.


  • Jane The Virgin

Okay, hear me out. This is actually a really addictive, great programme once you get past the cheesy animations and voice overs (I actually really like the voice overs! The guy’s voice is insane). This isn’t your usual TV show: it’s structured like a telenovela, which really adds to the storyline. The telenovela follows Jane, a Christian, virgin Latina who gets accidentally artificially inseminated in a hospital, meaning she becomes pregnant despite never having sex. The show follows her telling her guiding her way through life, dealing with family, maintaining her relationship with her detective boyfriend and meeting the soon-to-be biological father, a currently married rich man and former playboy. Again, another series full of plot twists. You have to give this a try – I ended up absolutely loving it.


  • The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

This limited series only contains 8 episodes which I binged all in one day on the day it was released – yes it was good. Whatever theory you have in your mind about Madeleine’s disappearance, just wait for it to be thrown every which way. This series educates you on everything that occurred during that time and afterwards and actually taught me a lot that I didn’t know. I had one theory in my head going out, and now it’s completely gone – I believe something completely different now. If you’re into crime documentaries, this is a good, short one to binge which will leave you completely captivated as each episode goes on.

  • First Team Juventus

Okay, before you jump pass this up and laugh at the fact I’ve included this, what kind of supporter would I be if I didn’t include this? Maybe I’m biased, but I really loved this show (and there’s two series, so I can’t be the only one!). There’s three episodes per series in which it follows the team through major events like the Champions League, major matches and Buffon’s departure from the team. Yes, I watched them all on the day they were released; yes, I got upset watching Buffon’s ending (baring in mind this was released in 2018). Even if you’re not a fan, both series show great motivation, and the messages the players give out are ones of greatness and prosperity. A great source of empowerment.


  • Stranger Things

You’ve really been living under a rock if you haven’t seen this/don’t know what it’s about. Even those non-Sci-Fi fans have ended up absolutely loving this. Stranger Things follows a group of kids in the 1980’s that on one night, one of them goes missing. Somehow, this links to a major secret in a government lab nearby. Get yourself out from under the rock and get watching if you haven’t already.


  • Reign

For those of you into historical dramas, this is my absolute favourite. Reign follows a teenage Mary Queen of Scots travelling to France to meet and be with her soon-to-be husband, Prince Francis. Reign goes through themes of friendship, love, hatred, family dynamics, jealously – the lot. A truly captivating story and my personal favourite historical drama on Netflix. Again, this is one of the shows where you fall in love with the characters or passionately hate the characters – it really sucks you in.


  • The Great British Bake Off

I really love a good cooking/baking programme and the GBBO is a nice, classic binge watch. It’s pretty self-explanatory as a programme. As much as it’s so easy to get into it, it’s one of those programmes that you can also stick on in the background and you don’t need to have your full concentration on it. One of my favourite cooking programmes on there (Hell’s Kitchen is unrivalled though, however it’s sadly not there anymore).

  • The Final Table

The Final Table is a global cooking show in which teams from all over the world compete in pairs to cook food from different countries each episode, including Mexico, Italy, India, Japan and the UK. Another great, easy watch.

Reality TV

  • Selling Sunset

Selling Sunset follows the Oppenheim Group, an elite real estate brokerage firm, and their agents in competition to sell the best houses LA has to offer to the rich and famous. It starts with a new agent arriving, and the current agents wanting her to prove herself before being fully accepted. Full of drama and luxurious lifestyles, this is another easy but thoroughly entertaining binge watch.

  • Instant Hotel

Instant Hotel is an Australian TV programme in which homeowners have converted their houses into hotels, and the teams take it in turns to visit their hotels, judge and score each other, with the winner receiving a grand prize. An easy watch and great for those who love interior design shows.

If there’s any I’ve missed, or any you think I should watch, leave it in the comments below!