Acts Of Kindness You Can Do This Christmas – Blogmas Day 7

Acts Of Kindness You Can Do This Christmas – Blogmas Day 7

It’s the time for giving, so why not create a blog post with random acts of kindness you can do this Christmas? I believe that you should always give what you can, no matter what time of year it is, but this is always the time that people tend to give more. Especially with the year we’ve all just had, people may need these acts of kindness now more than ever.

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How To Have A Great Friendsmas In All Tiers – Blogmas Day 6

How To Have A Great Friendsmas In All Tiers – Blogmas Day 6

Friendsmas, for those who don’t know, is a celebration of Christmas with your friends. It can involve pretty much anything: swapping presents, indulging in all the food, going out, staying in, watching films – anything!

But this year, Friendsmas is going to be a bit different. For those not living in England, we’ve been split into three tiers, with the majority in tier 2 or 3. This basically means we have restrictions on meeting and going out. This post will hopefully give all of you the inspo to show that Friendsmas isn’t dead and there’s still loads of things you can do!

Movie Night

Movie night can still go on! Why not try having a Netflix party? Pick your favourite Christmas (or any) film, get into your pjs, pop a zoom chat or any chat on the side, and enjoy the movie at the same time, all from the comfort of your home. Bring ALL the snacks you want and enjoy a virtual movie night experience.

Friendsmas Dinner

For those in tier 2, dinner is a great option! Book an outdoor table for your group of 6 or less (find a place with heaters!!) and enjoy a nice dinner out. Dress up and enjoy!

Have your own Christmas Day!

For those living with their friends (uni students etc), why not have an early Christmas Day before you all go back to your families? Complete it all with Christmas crackers, Christmas dinner and maybe even a couple games.

Secret Santa through the mail

Gather your group and do a Secret Santa! Once you have your person, set a date, (set a budget if you want to), and organise a group zoom call so you can open it all at the same time. Just make sure to send your gifts before its too late!

The Powerpoint Game

I saw this everywhere during the first lockdown, and it may make a fun friendsmas night idea, if this is your kind of thing. What you do is you each create a short presentation about literally anything (I’ve seen drunken night outs rated with pictures, who came first: the chicken or the egg, why [blank] should stop dating etc) and set up a night to present it to each other. Again, this is a great zoom idea for a bit of a giggle.

Outdoor Activities

Tier 2 – make the most of your outdoor activities! I’ve seen that some ice skating rinks are open, Christmas markets, or even just taking a walk around your town/city or your nearest city for something a bit different. Sometimes, being a tourist in your own city may lead you to experience things you never thought existed!

Friendsmas doesn’t have to be cancelled just because it may not be the same as other years! And for those who have never done a friendsmas, why not give it a go? Let me know if you try any of these ideas or what you’re doing this year x

The Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting University

Starting university can normally lead to one of three things: excitement; fear; or a bit of both. For me, it was definitely the third. I had no idea what to expect on this new journey, and it didn’t help that I wasn’t the most confident person. You almost want to watch a trailer of your […]

Sightseeing In Oxford – My Top 4

I’m finally back (hopefully with a bang), starting off my Oxford series from when I stayed there back in late August. Oxford is by far one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in the UK to date: its beautiful Gothic and Baroque architecture are the star of the show for me, but there’s plenty […]

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Why I Made A Vision Board For 2021 – Blogmas Day 5

Why I Made A Vision Board For 2021 – Blogmas Day 5

I saw a while back on Naomi Genes’ Instagram stories that she made a vision board. Admittedly, I’ve never been one to really idolise the idea of manifestation and writing down goals – if they’re in your head already, why write them down? Sure, it’s a fun arts and crafts project but nothing more than that. Then, I saw Sophia Tuxford and Cinzia Baylis-Zullo do it, and watching them do it actually made me think “well, what’s the harm in trying?”

So, off I went to make a vision board.

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Every Workout I Did This Week And How It Made Me Feel (Lockdown Workout Inspiration)

Every Workout I Did This Week And How It Made Me Feel (Lockdown Workout Inspiration)

Since I’ve returned to university, I realised that my workout routine has become less and less consistent: I went from working 5-7 times a week during lockdown to 2-4 times a week. Whilst this isn’t necessarily bad, I could quite literally feel the impact it had on me. I felt sluggish, my body started aching again and my mental health just shot right back down.

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The Essential Lockdown Care Package

The Essential Lockdown Care Package

After seeing a post over on the British Black Girl’s Instagram , she created a ‘covid care package’, I thought this was something that was right up my street. I love the idea of creating care packages, so I thought I’d try my own virtual one for a change!

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How To Combat ‘Winter Depression’

How To Combat ‘Winter Depression’

I didn’t realise until a few years ago that the ‘winter depression’ was actually a thing and that I wasn’t the only person that experienced it. I’m hesitant to call what I have seasonal affective disorder (or SAD – the acronym makes it sound even more depressing!) as I haven’t been properly diagnosed, but most of my symptoms correlate. Seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression that comes during certain seasons, mainly winter.

I’ve always loved summer and never quite understood how anyone could ever enjoy the cold winter months, being tangled up in 10 layers and most of your day being dark. The only thing I really enjoyed about winter was Christmas, Halloween, the festive spirit and the snow. Although this year has been a lot better (I’m loving autumn/winter fashion at the moment!), I’m definitely still more of a summer girl: I love waking up to the sunlight beaming through the peeps of my blinds onto my bed, the warmth, the summer euphoria and all the activities that come along with it.

Throughout the years, I’ve always found my mood to be a lot lower during winter. I lack energy like no other, just feeling so fatigued in everything I do; I hate the artificial lights throughout the day, when my house lights being turned on in the morning when I wake up and in the early afternoon to evening; and I would struggle to get up every day so badly – I craved the warmth of my bed and the fact that it was dark outside at 7am just really upset me. I find that even if it’s summer and it’s dark and rainy outside, I don’t have energy throughout the day either! Through all of this, I’ve found some coping mechanisms that have helped me, especially in the transitioning stages of autumn to winter. If you feel you struggle with ‘winter depression’ or think you have or do have SAD, here are my favourite things to do to pick up the energy.

Make sure you have some light coming into your room in the morning for as long as you can

I refuse to have proper room-darkening blinds. I hate waking up in darkness and love having light come into my room. I currently have wooden blinds that let speckles of light seep through into the room when it’s daylight outside, so waking up for the past few weeks where it’s still daylight at 8 o’clock has been really nice. I know that will change soon, but it helps in the transition period!

Fill the space you work in with as much light as possible

I personally hate artificial light and try to rely on staying near a window for as long as possible, but sometimes it’s still a bit too dark. Turn the light on instead of being stuck in darkness! It sounds so simple, but even if it’s light outside, sometimes working with a light on brings my energy up.


This I have discovered recently – not working out for a day really lowers my mood a lot, so working out throughout the winter could be the key to your problems. Exercise helps with stress levels (which is perfect for this day and age) and is just good for your overall health. I have found that my ‘winter depression’ has gone ever so slightly when I work out, so I would definitely give it a go (and for those who want a certain body for the summer, this is your time to start working!)

Stay outdoors when you can

Don’t just sit by a window – go outside! Again, this sounds so simple but it’s really effective. Just taking a little walk around and getting those steps in helps you not only expose yourself to sunlight, but again, relive stress. I’ve been craving going outdoors more this year because we’re missing out on so much due to coronavirus, so during lockdown, I’ll be taking more walks around my local area to keep my spirits up.

Maintain a balanced diet

It can be so difficult to reach for carbohydrates all the time during the winter – its ‘cosy food.’ And honestly, there’s nothing wrong with eating carbs! Just remember to eat in moderation. Try and find warm alternative foods like soup and porridge to eat. But also remember that Christmas is coming and you can splurge all you want then! Also, if you fancy comfort food, eat comfort food but remember to balance it out with healthier alternatives (more healthy than unhealthy!)

If you want to read more information on SAD, click here. Make sure to ask for help if you struggle severely with any of the symptoms. Stay safe and well!

The Best Olympians To Follow For All The Tokyo 2020 Behind The Scenes

I’ve always been a fan of the Olympics: I love seeing how insanely talented athletes are and watching records get broken with every four years (or rather five, in this case) that passes. I love watching it with my family, and seeing the spirit of the nation rise with every medal that’s achieved. What I’ve […]

4 Of London’s New Art Exhibitions And Why You Have To Go

All over Instagram, I’ve been seeing reels showing London’s newest art exhibitions. Personally, I’m a huge fan of museums, and could spend hours just roaming around, but I know it’s not for everyone. However, from the reels I’ve been seeing, the exhibitions on show at the moment are absolutely magical, and I’m sure would inspire […]

Everything You Need To Know About Sandbanks

Sandbanks first came onto my radar when I watched a TV show talk to Harry Redknapp about his home in the area. It appeared to be a pretty exclusive area: small in size, but lined with grand houses amongst a sandy beachfront (a sandy beach in England, I know!) It wasn’t until recently that I […]

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Bringing Magic To The Big Screen: Backyard Cinema’s The Winter Night Garden

Bringing Magic To The Big Screen: Backyard Cinema’s The Winter Night Garden

Hidden away in Wandsworth, southwest London, is the most magical cinema I’ve ever stepped foot in. If you’re looking for that extra something special when watching the new, biggest blockbusters or your old, favourite films, this is the place to go.

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Starting University During COVID-19: A Complete Checklist To Get You Through The Year Ahead

Starting University During COVID-19: A Complete Checklist To Get You Through The Year Ahead

Coronavirus has led to much uncertainty in many many things. This is new to all of us, so everyone is just figuring things out as we go along. For us students, it means starting the new academic year knowing that everything is not going to be the way it was, which can be worrying when we’re left to our own devices.

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The journey of an unfit girl (me) getting fit(-ter) during lockdown

The journey of an unfit girl (me) getting fit(-ter) during lockdown

I wasn’t really into fitness before lockdown. When I say ‘into fitness’, I mean that I’m just more conscious and active about fitness, not that I’m the next fitness guru on the scene. What I have noticed though is that lockdown has changed me for the better, primarily in my fitness. I’m probably the most physically fit I’ve been and the most confident in my skin than ever before, and I couldn’t be more thankful for this period of time (in this regard anyways). I guess you could call this post my ‘fitness journey’ up to now.

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Designed To Inspire: Why Your Social Media Should Be Filled With Motivation Everyday

Designed To Inspire: Why Your Social Media Should Be Filled With Motivation Everyday

I’ve suddenly been hit with a flurry of inspiration. You know that little bubble of energy that suddenly builds inside you after seeing or hearing something that gives you the urge to do more? That hit me recently and I finally know what inspires me.

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