Hi! I’m Monica.

I’m currently studying at university in my hometown, London. I’ve always had a passion for writing from a young age and have always wanted to write and create content of my own, which is why I created this space. Imagine this space to be a source for all the inspiration you need at any time or any place – that’s my aim.

This blog will show content I love so that others can enjoy: from all my (limited) lifestyle tips and tricks, to new adventures, to food, there really is a little bit of everything on here. Sometimes, you’ll see me write about the more serious topics in life, such as mental health. This space isn’t just for entertainment and inspiration, but a place that people can read and get information for things they may not feel comfortable talking to other people about (I research my topics to the best of my ability!)

If my posts manage to make you crack a smile or help you to get a running start to a trail of inspiration and thought-provoking ideas, I’ll be more than happy. If I can introduce you to a new day-out destination, a brunch recipe or a holy grail skincare product, that’s great too. Writing on here is my own happy place and if it can help other people feel the same way, I’ve achieved my goal.

I hope you enjoy my adventures and personal stories and maybe even learn a thing or two.


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