Mayor Of London Candidates – Who They Are And What They’re Promising

Mayor Of London Candidates – Who They Are And What They’re Promising

The other day, I received the Mayor of London and London Assembly booklet, outlining all the candidates and some of the candidates’ ‘mini- manifestos’, as well as general information about the election. I think it’s fair to say that I had zero clue about who to vote for – I feel politics has almost taken a backseat in light of the pandemic and Brexit. But nevertheless, there’s still a vote to be had on the 6th May on who is going to make London the best it can be.

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The Girlfriend’s Guide To FIFA – The No Bullsh*t, No Judgement, And Not Sexist Version

The Girlfriend’s Guide To FIFA – The No Bullsh*t, No Judgement, And Not Sexist Version

After the success of my ‘The Girlfriend’s Guide’ Instagram posts, it seemed like the perfect time to introduce the series to my blog (and maybe make it a more permanent addition). The reason I created this series is because some people are genuinely curious about the typical ‘gendered’ topics, but every attempt of a post to educate them is either condescending or extremely sexist.

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The Face Behind The Brand: Adjoa From The Dash Space

The Face Behind The Brand: Adjoa From The Dash Space

For this ‘The Face Behind The Brand’ segment, I’ve brought on a woman who was one of the first people that I truly connected with in the blogosphere. Formerly known as ‘dashofeverything’, The Dash Space has grown so much in content and style, with now a whopping 3,164 Instagram following and counting. I’ve loved watching her space grow with each day.

Not only has she been supportive and kind, but also incredibly helpful: when I decided to switch to my own domain, she taught me so many things I didn’t know about setting up a website that I’m excited to take with me into the future of this blog. Her content now focusses on self-development content, in which she provides tips on how to improve yourself, and motivation to start your day off right.

It seems like a long time coming now, but here is my first collab with Adjoa from The Dash Space! I hope you enjoy this interview.

Where did the name The Dash Space come from?

The name came about quite randomly actually. Before “The Dash Space” was even a thing, the name of my blog used to be “dashofeverything” however I wasn’t particularly happy about the fact that the name was a very common one, and I didn’t want it to tarnish my platform/brand later on down the line or take away it’s authenticity or uniqueness. I wanted my platform to have a unique name that was easy to remember so I sat down and made a list of potential names. Eventually, the Dash Space fell on that list and It just felt “right”.

I wanted my platform to be a space for people to go and find whatever there is to know about personal development whilst also remembering that I started as “dashofeverything” – so it was the perfect blend!

When did you discover your love for self-development content?

When I first got back to blogging, I genuinely didn’t have a niche and quite simply didn’t want to niche down as I didn’t want to be restricted with the kind of content I wanted to put out, but slowly, I felt myself being drawn to self-development style topics which is why I always say let the niche find you. I decided to then stick to self-development style topics as I found myself enjoying sharing a few things I was doing to help me become a better version of myself.

Why do you do what you do?

I honestly enjoy blogging, sharing content on socials, and on my website simply because you never know who what you share will touch. What you put out there could change someone’s life, keep them going or even encourage them to keep holding on. My aim is for my content to motivate people and to simply keep them going, and that’s why I do what I do. I also enjoy blogging and creating content because it’s my passion.

What’s your favourite way to gain inspiration for your content?

Inspiration for me comes in so many various ways – I could be in bed and get an idea, or I could simply be scrolling on socials and get an idea. There isn’t a set way I gain inspiration as it kind of just comes randomly, but I would say though that Pinterest is great help when I’m stuck on ideas!

What do you most enjoy about running The Dash Space?

One thing I enjoy the most about running the Dash Space is the fact that I am able to share content that can help others. It makes me very happy knowing that even if only a few people see it, my content could inspire or help someone to keep going. I also love the many connections I have made whilst building my platform and wouldn’t change it for anything.

What’s been your biggest obstacle?

My biggest obstacle definitely has to be balancing running my platform with full time work. It can be very difficult as my full time role is quite demanding. Having the time outside of work to even build this platform can be difficult, and sometimes I don’t even know how I do it, but I guess when you’re passionate about something, you’ll find a way to always make it happen.

What is your biggest achievement with The Dash Space?

I don’t think I have had that stereotypical big achievement with my platform yet, but I would say that something that makes me super happy and proud is seeing my content being shared. It warms my heart and I will forever appreciate those who take their time to engage with my content or even share it. I have also received messages from a few people who have told me that my content keeps them going, and for me that is more than a huge win as that’s what my platform aims to do.

What was it like rebranding and creating your own website?

It was difficult and honestly took a lot of work, time and effort but I am glad that I did it now rather than later. I think when you’re a blogger it’s super important to have your own site you can push your audience towards.

What do you wish you knew sooner?

I don’t think there’s anything in particular that I wish I knew sooner – I think with every journey you embark on it’s good to leave room for growth. Something I wish I did though was starting this platform sooner rather than being hesitant or scared of what people might think.

Tell us something that people may not know about you.

I think I am very transparent and share a lot of things about myself but a lot of people who are new to my platform may not be aware that I actually first started as a hair blogger in 2018, gave up because I lost the passion I had for blogging, and came back to blogging again last year.

What advice would you give to new bloggers or people joining the IG world for their blog?

Take it easy and understand that building a platform takes work. I know we all want the huge following and engagement but do not focus on the numbers too much as it can fluctuate. Instead, focus on putting out unique and valuable content consistently that your audience gravitate towards.

I would also say that focus on building genuine connections with other bloggers or people in your niche and do not be selfish. Show love to others the same way you’d like to be shown love to. Remember that the energy you put out is always the energy you get back!

Do you have anything special in the works that you can share?

At the moment, no – I’m just focused on building my platform, growing my email list and my network!

As well as this interview coming out today, Adjoa’s next newsletter has been released too! If you want to sign up to her newsletter or check out her blog, click here. I will also leave her Instagram here. It’s honestly been amazing seeing her space grow and how much of a prominent figure she has become in the blogging community – I can’t wait to see more content!

Who would you like to see next on ‘The Face Behind The Brand’? Let me know in the comments below!

The Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting University

Starting university can normally lead to one of three things: excitement; fear; or a bit of both. For me, it was definitely the third. I had no idea what to expect on this new journey, and it didn’t help that I wasn’t the most confident person. You almost want to watch a trailer of your […]

Sightseeing In Oxford – My Top 4

I’m finally back (hopefully with a bang), starting off my Oxford series from when I stayed there back in late August. Oxford is by far one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in the UK to date: its beautiful Gothic and Baroque architecture are the star of the show for me, but there’s plenty […]

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My Teacher Training Application Experience

My Teacher Training Application Experience

As some of you may already know, I’m in my final year of university. Alongside learning during a global pandemic, us students have also had to think about what comes after university: jobs are dwindling by the day, and we’re competing against those with years of experience who have lost their jobs. I can say for myself that when I first came into university, I had an idea of what I wanted to ‘become’ when I finish, but it is very safe to say that that idea has changed about five times since.

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“What’s next for you?” – Let’s Talk

“What’s next for you?” – Let’s Talk

As I approach my 21st birthday, I’ve been thinking a lot about the future: I’m in my last year of university, and in a global pandemic – a combination I never saw coming. There’s always this pressure from adults around you as you approach the big 2-1, and even more so in your final year, to know what you’re doing next – I think a lot of us can relate. I received this question back in February, but now feels like the right time to answer it.

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A Letter To Everyone: Do You Get it Now? Any Woman You Know Could Have Been Sarah

A Letter To Everyone: Do You Get it Now? Any Woman You Know Could Have Been Sarah

TW: sexual assault

I’m sure that by now, we have all heard the news about the killing of Sarah Everard. If you haven’t, hopefully this will give you more insight. If you have, I wanted to explain why I’m writing this: ever since I heard this story, it has hit me hard. I always grew up with my parents wanting me to text them whenever I get somewhere, or them teaching me what to do to be ‘street safe’. I remember my secondary school PE teacher once giving us girls a lesson on what to do if a car pulls up beside you, and telling us to keep our keys between our knuckles for self-defence. I’ve been taught to be what I thought was hyper-aware of what’s around me always, but this story more than ever proves you can’t be too aware, because there’s some really horrible people in this world.

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The Face Behind The Brand: Isabella From Sabel Digital

The Face Behind The Brand: Isabella From Sabel Digital

You may have seen on my Instagram that from March 1st to March 8th, I will be posting the accounts of my favourite female bloggers and generally inspiring women on my feed to celebrate International Women’s Day. It seemed fitting that for this weeks blog post, I bring back ‘the face behind the brand’, this time, featuring one of my favourite people on Instagram, Isabella from Sabel Digital.

We connected a few months ago now, and whilst she’s an all-round lovely person, she creates killer content: from marketing tips to social media tricks, she creates informative and engaging content which has hugely helped me personally in my Instagram journey. As someone not in the marketing field, she has made me truly enjoy marketing content (which is something I thought I’d never say!) and has come out with ideas I can use in my content with every single post she creates. She’s a bold presence within the blogging and social media help community, and it also helps that she’s super friendly!

I’m super excited to be collaborating with Isabella for the first time – I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed creating these questions.

Where did the name Sabel Digital come from?

I’ve always loved my name! I was named after my favourite Aunty Elizabeth, and I come from a Christian family so my mum wanted my name to have some kind of biblical meaning and the name Isabella comes from the name Elizabeth. Being a believer and having a name meaning ‘oath of God’, I knew that I wanted to include my name in my brand one day somehow. And that’s how Sabel Digital was born.

Where did your love of marketing come from?

Funnily enough, I never knew about marketing or that it could be a potential career for me until 2018. I’ve always been creative and even did art GCSE, and I’ve always been a creative writer. The first day of my internship at a PR agency was the day that I realised that I could combine the two and actually get paid to create with a purpose. I love creating and being able to from a completely blank canvas to a great piece of content.

Why do you do what you do?

I’m big on helping people in life. I worked in customer service based roles from the age of 16 until 21, and I was also someone that went through a lot in my teenage years. I always said that if my purpose was revealed to me then I’d always help people through what I do. In marketing I’m able to help my workplace to acquire new customers through our marketing activities, and through Sabel Digital I’m able to share what I know to make social and digital marketing easy. I also like to just be myself and be honest through the things I do as you never know who you can help and who might relate to your story.

What’s your favourite way to gain inspiration for your content?

I read a lot of different types of content. I read blogs such as Hubspot and Social Media Today to keep up with the latest trends. I listen to podcasts such as Marketing School by Neil Patel. I also scroll through LinkedIn to see what the latest conversation is in marketing. And let tell you a secret… Facebook groups are gold! People are always asking for advice and discussing topics which lets me know what others are thinking! Consuming content from different sources is key for me. 

What do you most enjoy about running Sabel Digital?

It’s the people I get to speak with on a day to day basis. A lot of my friends are in different fields to me, so for a long time I didn’t have anyone to talk to about marketing. Now I’ve connected with people who have the same interests as me – people I can learn from and also people I can teach. I honestly feel like I’ve made real friends as a result of Sabel Digital.

What’s been your biggest obstacle?

I think burnout is probably the thing that happens to me if anything. With the current situation we’re in, I have found that I spend a lot of time working, sometimes 12 hours a day, but it’s something I’m working on. Although, I’ve been a workaholic since the age of 16 so it’s been a process getting the balance right!

What is your biggest achievement with Sabel Digital?

My biggest achievement is that I’ve found a safe space that’s allowed me to step out of my comfort zone to do things I never thought I’d ever do. I’d never imagined that I’d be hosting a regular social event or masterclasses!

So you created your first masterclass! How did you go about creating it and what motivated you to create it in the first place?

Yes, finally! Everyday I’m answering questions in my comments and DM’s to help people, and I thought with the success of The Social Linkup, why not do a masterclass? Creating something to help others and solve their problems was the key for me. Many want to grow on social media, but if we can shift to focusing on community, I think this works very well. I created this masterclass to share what I know!

What do you wish you knew sooner?

I wish I’d gone for it all earlier! I was actually on Instagram in June but I didn’t start posting until September out of fear that no one would care about what I had to say. My advice to others would be that there is somebody out there that is looking for what you have to share. You just have to create/go for it and put yourself out there and find those who would need you!

Tell us something that people may not know about you.

I might seem put together now, but just a few years ago I really wasn’t. I was confused, and to be honest my life, was a hot mess. That’s why I never want to pretend to be someone else or to present myself as someone I’m not. I may be in a decent position but I’m not afraid to speak of my failures to help others and I think that’s an important thing to do in life. 

What advice would you give to new marketers or people joining the IG world for their blog/business?

I would say put yourself out there! What do I mean by that? Socialise with people and get to know people. Send DM’s, react to Stories, leave meaningful comments. This will allow you to connect with people and to get to know others. Many want growth straight away but you also do have to put the work in!

Since this interview, Isabella has also just announced that she’s releasing a monthly newsletter as well as one to one coaching sessions. It’s so great to see how much she’s built in such a short time, and it was a pleasure to interview her. For more by Isabella, check out her website here and her Instagram here.

The Best Olympians To Follow For All The Tokyo 2020 Behind The Scenes

I’ve always been a fan of the Olympics: I love seeing how insanely talented athletes are and watching records get broken with every four years (or rather five, in this case) that passes. I love watching it with my family, and seeing the spirit of the nation rise with every medal that’s achieved. What I’ve […]

4 Of London’s New Art Exhibitions And Why You Have To Go

All over Instagram, I’ve been seeing reels showing London’s newest art exhibitions. Personally, I’m a huge fan of museums, and could spend hours just roaming around, but I know it’s not for everyone. However, from the reels I’ve been seeing, the exhibitions on show at the moment are absolutely magical, and I’m sure would inspire […]

Everything You Need To Know About Sandbanks

Sandbanks first came onto my radar when I watched a TV show talk to Harry Redknapp about his home in the area. It appeared to be a pretty exclusive area: small in size, but lined with grand houses amongst a sandy beachfront (a sandy beach in England, I know!) It wasn’t until recently that I […]

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The Teenage Cancer Trust – Who They Are, The Challenge And Why You Should Donate

The Teenage Cancer Trust – Who They Are, The Challenge And Why You Should Donate

Last month, an old school friend of mine (hi Sofia, if you’re reading!) reached out to me and told me about this 2800 Squat Challenge she’s doing as a charity fundraiser. She told me it was for the Teenage Cancer Trust, a charity I’d never heard of but I thought the name was pretty self-explanatory. Together, along with another old classmate, took on the challenge together to do 2800 squats each in the month of February and posted a fundraiser on Facebook. Today is the last day of the challenge, and I wanted to share what I’ve learnt about the charity and what they do, as well as how I got on with the challenge. I will leave some links at the end on how you can donate (and please do if you can – every little helps!)

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The Ultimate Gooey Brownie Recipe (and only 150kcals!)

The Ultimate Gooey Brownie Recipe (and only 150kcals!)

For a while now, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect brownie recipe. This past Valentines Day, I decided that I was going to try and make brownies again, and hopefully they’d be the best ones I had ever made. I searched the internet high and low, before returning to my go-to recipe website (and the first result in the Google search engine), BBC Good Food. These brownies have a slight crisp on the edges, but when you bite into them, they’re a soft and gooey chocolate heaven, which in my opinion makes the perfect brownie. Whilst I’m not one to count calories, the fact that each square only has 150kcals (which is less than most of the recipes I looked at) definitely placed the recipe on my good side.

I made some tiny adjustments to the recipe, but the original recipe can be found by clicking here. These would make a perfect gift or they would be great even as a self care pick-me-up. Here’s how I made the best chocolate brownies (possibly ever – I had people agree with this!)

What you’ll need:

  • A shallow 20cm square tin (or roundabout 20cm)
  • Two medium bowls
  • One large bowl
  • A sieve
  • An electric whisk
  • A board
  • A rubber spatula
  • 185g unsalted butter
  • 185g dark chocolate (cooking chocolate is great, or a high percentage of cocoa is good too)
  • 85g plain flour
  • 40g cocoa powder (I used a combination of two as I ran out of one. If you haven’t tried Perugina Cocoa Powder, you have to)
  • 50g white chocolate
  • 50g milk chocolate
  • 3 large eggs
  • 250g golden caster sugar
  • Chocolate decorative hearts (OPTIONAL – we used a pack from Dr. Oetker)


  1. Cut the unsalted butter into small chunks and tip into a bowl. Break the dark chocolate into small chunks also and put into the same bowl. One option is to place a plate on top of the bowl and put in the microwave for two minutes on high. The second option, the one that I did (admittedly because I didn’t see the microwave option at first), is to fill a small saucepan with hot water till it is about a quarter of the way full. From there, place the bowl so it is resting on the rim of the saucepan, but make sure the bowl isn’t touching the water. Heat it over a low heat until it’s all melted (make sure to stir every now and again so that it mixes).
  2. Leave the mixture to cool until it’s at room temperature.
  3. In the mean time, set a shelf in the middle of your oven and turn the oven on to 160 fan/180C/gas 4.
  4. Prepare the tin. If you have a loose-bottom tin, just line the tin with non-stick baking paper. If not, you may want to line your tin with a long strip of foil (longer than the tin) and fold the ends so that the tips are pressed against the outer side of the tin. This creates little handles for later so that it’s easy to lift the brownies out after (the BBC Good Food website, link above, demonstrates this well in the video at the bottom of their page – skip to 0.48 seconds). Then, proceed to line the base of the tin with non-stick baking paper.
  5. Measure out the flour and the cocoa powder, before sieving into a medium bowl, being sure to get rid of any lumps.
  6. Chop the milk and white chocolate up into small pieces on a board.
  7. Break the eggs into a large bowl and add the golden caster sugar. Using an electric whisk on high speed, whisk until you get a thick mix (like a ‘milkshake’ consistency). The mixture should become pale and double it’s original thickness. The original recipe recommends testing it’s ready by stopping the whisk and wiggling it from side to side: ‘if the mixture that runs off the beaters leaves a trail on the surface’ of the bowl mixture, it should be ready.
  8. Pour the cooled chocolate mix over the egg and sugar mix. Gently fold together with a rubber spatula, making sure not to knock the air out (go as slowly and/or gently as you want!)
  9. Once folded, hold the sieve over the mixture and sift the cocoa and flour mixture in.
  10. Fold again in the same way until you get a fudgy mixture. Stop when you feel you should, as you don’t want to overwork it.
  11. Stir in the white and milk chocolate chunks.
  12. Pour the mixture into the tin, making sure to level everything out with the spatula. If you have the decorative chocolate hearts, add them on top of the mix evenly.
  13. Place it in the oven for 25 minutes. I took it out after 25 minutes and shook the tin, and the brownie wobbled a bit in the middle so I placed it in for another 5-10 minutes. You should take it out when the top has a shiny crust.
  14. Leave in the tin until completely cold before lifting out using your loose bottom tin or the foil handles (admittedly, I done this when they were still a tiny bit warm and they tasted DELICIOUS). Cut into triangles or squares and enjoy!

These will keep in an airtight container for up to two weeks (!!!) and in the freezer for up to a month.

And that’s it! This may take a bit longer than some of my other recipes, but these are well worth it. Please let me know how you get on and I’d love to know what you think! Thanks for reading x

4 Ways To Celebrate Your Non-Existent 2021 Graduation In Style

As a graduating student of 2021, I can safely say that it feels like I haven’t really graduated. I’ve been doing assignments and having lessons over Blackboard Collaborate at home for months on end, and with no proper graduation to top off three years of hard work, it almost feels like the university experience isn’t […]

Euro 2020: Where To Watch The Euros In London With Food And Drink

Looking for a change of scenery for this year’s Euros? Why not rally up your friends and go support your nation together over drinks? Maybe your rivalling nations are playing, and you want to watch the magic unfold together. Or maybe getting together over some good food and having a bit of seasonal entertainment is […]

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Why You Need To Embrace Your Body and Stop Wanting What Others Have

Why You Need To Embrace Your Body and Stop Wanting What Others Have

“I wish I looked like ____”

“I wish I had her stomach”

“I hate my legs”

“I wish-“

Let me stop you there. We’ve heard all this self-loathing before. We’ve all been there. If anything, it’s promoted all over social media to desire what other people have. I’m a big fan of social media and I’m also a big fan of appreciating other people’s features, but I’m going to draw the line at desiring. What’s wrong with what we already have?

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The Face Behind The Brand: Angel From BlogR

The Face Behind The Brand: Angel From BlogR

When I started out as a blogger, it was just me, myself and I. I had no idea what I was doing! It wasn’t until I joined Instagram that I started to get to grips with the blogging world and what it had to offer. That’s when I stumbled across BlogR, and it really changed my blogging experience for the better.

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“I Want To Start A Blog But I Don’t Know Where To Begin. Any Tips?” – Let’s Talk

“I Want To Start A Blog But I Don’t Know Where To Begin. Any Tips?” – Let’s Talk

Starting a blog was a huge milestone in my life, but I just didn’t know it at the time. It’s something that I always wanted to do, having loved writing from such a young age, but I just didn’t know where to begin and I was beyond nervous of what everyone else would think. I remember constantly googling “how to start a blog” or “blog ideas” for years before I actually made the move.

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I Tried To Do Every Exercise A Pro Ballerina Does In A Day

I Tried To Do Every Exercise A Pro Ballerina Does In A Day

I love dance. I’m not a dancer, but I wish I could dance. A new dance TV show? I’m on it. I just love watching dance and admiring how incredibly talented they are, physically and also through their ability to express. It was through a random Youtube recommendation that I found Scout Forsythe, a ballerina for the American Ballet Theatre, doing almost ‘day in the life’ content for channels such as Glamour and Allure. To say I loved these videos is an understatement.

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My One Year Blogiversary : A Year In Review

My One Year Blogiversary : A Year In Review

Where do I begin? I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started blogging already!

This time last year, I had come back from an amazing, last minute trip to Amsterdam and was filled with inspiration. I finally had that buzz to just write and thought that this was the perfect topic to start my blog: 72 hours in Amsterdam: the must-see sites. That’s how this blog was born.

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You Are Never Alone – Mental Health Links And Helplines For Whenever You Need It

You Are Never Alone – Mental Health Links And Helplines For Whenever You Need It

Coronavirus has really impacted on the mental health of millions of people around the world. For my non-UK readers, the majority of the UK are in lockdown, meaning we’re once again restricted from living our everyday lives, which has massively taken a toll on many of us.

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