The Truth About Being In A Rut – The Process Of Getting Over It

It’s official: I’m in a rut. Ever since finishing university, I’ve been in this “I don’t want to do anything” phase, which I thought would last a couple days. A couple days turned into a month, and here we are now.

During our first lockdown, I was incredibly productive: I didn’t have an intense amount of work to do, so I was working out 5-7 days a week; eating healthy; writing a lot; and just living the life I always wanted to. I was proud of myself. I kept some sort of similar routine up when things started to ease slightly after this first lockdown, which I was also proud of. Yes, it was less than what I was doing before, but enough to keep up a healthy lifestyle. So when the world started to get back to normal again recently, I thought the same would happen again, but how wrong I was. I stopped everything: I haven’t worked out in over a month; I eat whatever I want (which is a good and bad thing, I guess); I struggle to write; and my life feels more incomplete.

‘be in a rut’: to not have changed what you do or how you do it for a very long time so that it is not interesting any longer.

– Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary, Cambridge University Press

What hurt the most was probably not wanting to write anymore. I identified being in a rut the moment I thought to myself, “I’m not sure I want to continue my blog anymore.” Now that woke me up. I’ve been writing on this blog now for over a year and a half somewhat consistently, and I started it because I love writing. However recently, I’ve struggled to find direction with my blog, and struggled to come up with concepts or identify a niche or two that I love. I’ve never really had a specific niche and it never bothered me, but now, I don’t really know what to write anymore that I will enjoy and is beneficial for others. But to say I didn’t want to write anymore? All my hard work will have been for nothing, and I knew this rut was temporary, so why give up my passion now?

Being in a rut feels like you’re trapped and you can’t escape until you really engage your mind to do better every single day. I think it’s important to note here that normally, I write a post all in one go. Just now, I stopped at the paragraph before, shut my computer off because I felt like I just didn’t want to do it anymore, then 2 minutes later (now), I turned my computer back on and started typing, because I need to get myself out of this. This is just step one of me getting out of this rut.

I saw a blog post recently over on The It-Girl Diaries of becoming your own muse, and it really struck a cord. I’ve become so lost and so stuck in this “I’m so unmotivated” and “I’ll do it another time” mindset, that I’ve forgotten the beauty of working on myself. Why did I start all this? Because I wanted to better myself and feel good about myself. I’ve forgotten about self-care: the 20-30 minutes workouts I did at home to strengthen my body, and the face masks I done every so often to better my skin. I’ve forgotten about taking pride in my own individual interests, and that it’s okay to not have a specific niche (and sometimes is preferable, as my friend recently told me!). I’d forgotten the why, and it’s now time to take steps day by day to get back to that, starting with me revisiting this blog post as soon as I wanted to put it down.

I’m going to get out of a rut by doing a few things:

Take time to sit down, and know what my goals are

For example, my goals are to get back to a similar routine I had pre-easing-of-lockdown. Working out a few times a week, re-discovering a love of writing, knowing what I actually want to achieve in the coming weeks or months. After having my thought of stopping the blog (and shaking up the writer in me), I’ve found out that I want to try and become a more inspiration-based blog, where I talk about all things to do with bettering yourself, finding new places to visit, and being generally creative. I want to really work on this, and see where it takes me.

Do things differently

Whether that’s trying something completely new, or switching up the way I do things, I want to try a new routine and engage my mind in ways I haven’t done before.

Taking a break

Here’s a concept: it’s okay to take a break! Everyone does it! Knowing when to take a break is important, so I won’t be so down in the dumps if I decide I need to.

Just on a final note, I want to share that I’m still in this rut, but this blog post has inspired me to take things in a different direction – I’ve titled it ‘the process of getting out of it’ for a reason. I’m excited to take on some new adventures and tasks, and I hope this has inspired some of you to get out and do something different, whether you’re in a rut or not. Until next time!

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