4 Ways To Celebrate Your Non-Existent 2021 Graduation In Style

As a graduating student of 2021, I can safely say that it feels like I haven’t really graduated. I’ve been doing assignments and having lessons over Blackboard Collaborate at home for months on end, and with no proper graduation to top off three years of hard work, it almost feels like the university experience isn’t actually over. I’m sure other graduates can relate to this, and I’m sure we all feel the same levels of frustration of not being able to experience a proper graduation ceremony. However, all is not lost.

While we may not be able to control the ending of the pandemic and normal life resuming, we can still celebrate within the guidelines. We don’t have to just sit back and do nothing! We may not be able to have a full-on ceremony, however this post will give you just a few ideas for celebrating your graduation in style, whether that’s with your family or your university friends.

Host a graduation-themed party

In England, you can now host a party of up to 30 outdoors. Why not gather your friends, or even some family, and have a graduation-themed party? Deck out a long table with buffet food, get some music going, and enjoy the night. You can even put up some graduation-themed banners, have a little photobooth corner with the graduation caps, and have some activities going to make sure everyone’s entertained. There’s no reason why anyone should have to miss out!

Go on a fancy or unusual night out

Do something different to remember you graduation celebration. You could go to a fancy restaurant you may have not otherwise gone too with your friends and treat yourself for all that hard work (or panicked, last-minute work) you’ve been getting up to. Maybe it’s somewhere with a phenomenal view, or somewhere that you’ve heard incredible reviews about, whether that’s the food or the interiors. Get some amazing food down you, order some cocktails (or mocktails, if that’s more your speed), and enjoy dressing up for the evening! This could be in your university’s town, or back in your home town – the choice is yours!

For an unusual night out, why not pick somewhere with an unusual activity or theme going on? You can find themed bars, from beach vibes to the 80’s, or activity bars, from arcades, to cabaret, to bingo. Search around your area, and do something memorable for your graduation!

For you Londoners, here’s a few options that I’ve heard more about recently for inspiration:


  • Circolo Popolare
  • Coppa Club
  • Harry’s Dolce Vita
  • The Shard restaurants
  • Sky Garden restaurants
  • Dalloway Terrace
  • 14 Hills


  • Neverland (Beach theme)
  • Alto, Selfridges (Dior theme, at the moment)
  • Alcotraz (Prison theme)
  • ABQ London (Breaking Bad theme)
  • Four Thieves (Arcade bar)
  • Crazy Coqs (Live music, Cabaret, Comedy etc.)

Get the ‘I’ve finished my degree’ photo outside of your university

We all know the photo I’m talking about: people posing outside a sign with their university’s name and logo, holding up their dissertation. If you haven’t done it yet, do it! It’s almost like a right of passage taking this photo, knowing that this is the end of your journey here. If you didn’t do a dissertation, like me, just get a photo outside (or even fake one, if you’re up for a laugh!)

Take a UK trip

A bit more of a pricey option, but it doesn’t have to be too pricey! Compensate to the max, and get away with your friends for a special trip. Explore a new place, make new memories and treat yourself – you’ve been stuck inside for way too long! For some staycation inspiration, check out my posts, ‘5 UK Staycation Locations for 2021‘, and ‘5 More UK Staycations for 2021‘.

I would love to know if any previous graduates celebration their graduation in any other way (apart from the ceremony), or if anyone is planning any other ways to celebrate their graduation! I’d love to hear in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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