Euro 2020: Where To Watch The Euros In London With Food And Drink

Looking for a change of scenery for this year’s Euros? Why not rally up your friends and go support your nation together over drinks? Maybe your rivalling nations are playing, and you want to watch the magic unfold together. Or maybe getting together over some good food and having a bit of seasonal entertainment is more on your agenda. Whatever the motive, here are just a few options of places to watch the Euros over some food and drink. Enjoy!

The Prince, West Brompton

No, your eyes are not mistaking you: The Prince, a.k.a. one of London’s most beautiful dining spaces, is hosting the Euros! They’re showing all the England games, plus the last 16 (28th-29th June), the semi-finals (6th-7th July) and the final (11th July) between 2 large projectors and 9 HD screens across the venue. You must book a ticket to get in though, so don’t miss your chance!

BOXPARK, Shoreditch & Croydon

BoxPark is great as there’s something for everyone: there’s a plethora of street food options, with plenty of different cuisines from all over the world. I’ve heard the atmosphere is amazing too, so you’re bound to have fun at these locations. Note that the Wembley location will only be showing the non-England games! Again, you’ll have to book tickets in advance for BOXPARK.

London Bridge Rooftop, London Bridge

Imagine this: a view of London’s skyline, the drinks are flowing, and everyone’s buzzing at the excitement of their nation playing. London Bridge Rooftop offers impeccable views and a huge range of drinks, so you’re not stuck for options. Note that the food menu does look a little shorter than the other options I’ve listed so far, but there are a couple of (amazing looking) burgers to choose from, plus brunch on Saturdays. On non-England games, there will be no sound from the game, but DJ’s in place instead. You just have to book online for this option.

Vinegar Yard, London Bridge

I had to include this other London Bridge option too, as the venue just screams ‘perfect summer Euros destination’. Decked out with long benches and a huge, anti-glare screen, you can watch the Euros here with American, Italian and Asian street food, a wide range of drinks, and a view of The Shard! You can book a slot online for this venue.

The Grocer, Spitalfields Market

The Grocer offers a largely British, delicious all-day menu, as well as drinks for all to celebrate the big game. This seems to be a more tranquil retreat for the game, so I would definitely recommend if you’re looking for a combination of celebrating the Euros, but also having a catch-up with friends. Book online for a place here.

Flat Iron Square, Borough Market

Flat Iron Square are offering large outdoor screens to view the Euros this summer. Better yet for all you foodies, Flat Iron Square has a fair few options of global street food, or even a couple of restaurants, if you’re looking to have a meal before the match. They’ve got a vast range of drinks to choose from to, as well as bars to pop in to too. You can either book online or walk in.

Pop Brixton, Brixton

Pop Brixton is hiking up a huge 2m x 3.5m screen for our viewing pleasure. This huge screen, plus a selection of street food and drinks will make for a great evening. If you’re keen to support more small, local businesses, this is the place for you: Pop Brixton is actually a project that turned unused land into a space for independent businesses to thrive. Again, you can book online or walk in.

Search your local pubs!

On the topic of supporting your nearby businesses, why not check your local pubs? Chances are, at least a couple of them will have popped some screens up for this Euro season, so why not book in there for a lively, yet homey experience?

I’d love to know what places you’ve booked to view the Euros, and whether you’ve got any recommendations I didn’t add here. Thank you for reading, and good luck to your team!

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