Kent’s Most Beautiful Places – My Top 4

Not too long ago, I took a trip down to Kent to visit my friend and got to explore what Kent has to offer. I had been to certain places in Kent for a day, or even a couple of hours, so I have enjoyed some of Kent’s beauty before. This time however, I truly got to see how stunning this English county really is. Whether you’re looking for your next UK trip destination, or have already booked your tickets into an area of Kent, these are the places you should go out of your way to see, even if just for the day.


Perhaps one of Kent’s most visited towns, but for good reason. I had been here previously during the colder months, and the rustic buildings that had remained intact from their old English roots had intrigued me greatly. Coming back now with blue skies and sunshine, the town just seems to light up. These charming buildings, which are now home to the likes of Natwest and Creams, for example, give so much character to the town, and almost make you stifle a laugh at how contrasting it is to have such a mix of old and new. You do have much newer builds not too far away though, for your everyday shopping. Westgate Gardens is also an absolute must visit – it’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a page of a fairy tale. The town is small, and has everything mostly in walking distance, which makes it a perfect place to stay and travel around, or visit for the day.


Whitstable is a coastal town, only around a 20-30 minute drive from Canterbury. For all you fish lovers, Whitstable is home to a fish market on its harbour, and also happens to be the place I tried my first oyster – it was delicious and I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did! There’s lots of colourful houses to marvel at, but probably the star of Whitstable is its pebble beach: it’s tranquil in the fact that there’s no piers and arcades about, but is alive with people, and a great place to windsurf or sail. One of my personal favourite memories from Kent is watching the sun set from this beach as it’s in the perfect position (you heard it here first!)

Westgate Gardens, Canterbury

Botany Bay

For those who have read my blog posts recently, you will have seen me mention Broadstairs before. Although I didn’t visit the town of Broadstairs on my most recent trip, I’m mentioning it again because I loved the quirkiness and the character that this seaside town had. What I did visit this trip was Botany Bay, one of Broadstairs’ sandy beaches: home to grand chalk cliffs, the beach is never too packed (possibly due to its seemingly residential location), which makes for a more enjoyable experience. The tops of the cliffs make for a great walking spot too. I would definitely recommend Botany Bay for a day trip.


I’m adding Dover to the list as although I haven’t visited myself, its definitely one of the places I wish to go to on my next venture down south. Top of my list of places to see there is obviously the White Cliffs of Dover, which for those of you who have been living under a rock (or cliff), was a symbol of home to British soldiers during the war as it was the first or last thing they saw when travelling. Dover Castle, as well as one of the few beaches in Dover are also something I would like to visit on my next trip.

Botany Bay, Broadstairs

I would love to know what your favourite locations in Kent are, or if you’re planning to do a trip there in the future. For all you fellow Londoners, it’s only an hour and a half drive or an hour train to Canterbury! I can’t wait to get back again – I’ve got the travel blues already.

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2 thoughts on “Kent’s Most Beautiful Places – My Top 4

  1. I loved this! It reminds me of my time studying at Kent (in Canterbury) I loved spending time in Canterbury and having beach days at Whitstable. And you’re totally right – Westgate Gardens is absolutely beautiful, and I’m glad you loved the gorgeous architecture here! Elda x


    1. Thank you Elda!! That must’ve been an amazing experience!! You’re so lucky! I didn’t realise how beautiful Canterbury truly was and I also didn’t realise how close all the beaches were. Such a great county and really underrated to visit in my opinion x


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