COVID-friendly days out in London (on a budget!)

There’s just one more evening until most things will be reopened in England again! I don’t know about you, but it still doesn’t feel real to me that soon we will be back to normal. While a lot of us are so excited about the reopening of many venues again, I’m sure, at the back of our heads at least, we’ll still be COVID-conscious. If anything, I’m sure we’ll all be somewhat COVID-conscious for a while, whether that’s by hand sanitising at any given chance, or carrying a mask everywhere post-lockdown. So for this blog post, I’ve decided to curate some fun activities in London that allow for plenty of distance and regular cleaning, so you won’t be too nervous about going out into the world again. Upon request, I’ve tried to make most of these budget-friendly too. I hope you enjoy these, and I’d love to know any of your suggestions in the comments below!

Sky Garden, Fenchurch Street

The picture you saw at the beginning of this post was taken at Sky Garden, one of London’s best viewpoints. And guess what? It’s completely free! Whenever I used to have family visiting from outside of London (pre-COVID, obviously), Sky Garden was an absolute must, and it’s always a hit. What’s better than a gorgeous, foliage-filled enclosure with panorama views of London?

Sky Garden reopens on May 17th (you must book before!), and have introduced regular cleaning measures in line with Government guidance, which you can read more about here. Sky Garden also hosts some food and drinks, with tables being socially distanced and cleaned regularly.

The Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park

The Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park is one of my favourite areas of the park, and one very close to my heart. The plantation has actually been known, planted and mapped since the 16th- 17th century, and is best known for its azaleas, which scatter the outskirts of the ponds you see today. It’s beautiful and open, and great for just wondering about for a little while. You can even grab a coffee, hot chocolate, or sweet treat nearby if you fancy! Even if you don’t visit the plantation specifically, Richmond Park in itself is beautiful and well-worth the walk around (or a great picnic location!). You may also see some deer nearby in passing.

Electric Gamebox, Southbank

After seeing this reel, I know I have to try this sometime soon! Electric Gamebox is an immersive VR experience in which you play a game, or a selection of minigames in a team with your friends or family. There are a few different game options you can try in Southbank, from the Psychedelic Mansion (a CIA training programme based game), to Temple of Coins (completing different tasks to make it through the temple). You can choose from 30 to 60 minutes of playing, which for adults ranges from £14 to £34. For COVID safety, you can book a private experience just for your group/bubble, and have installed cleaning measures after each use.

Primrose Hill at Sunset

I have a confession: even though I’m a Londoner, I’ve never been to Primrose Hill (but I promise it’s at the top of my list!). Primrose Hill gives you one of the best views of London’s skyline that you can get. Coming here during the day for a picnic or for a sunset trip would be the perfect, free activity to fill up your day. Nearby, you have the ZSL London Zoo and Regent’s Park, making it a full, fun day out if you choose to see these too!

Boating on the Serpentine, Hyde Park

I remember quite a few years ago taking a pedal boat down the Serpentine with a couple of friends, and having a really fun time! On a nice, sunny day (long overdue), with family or friends, taking a pedal or row boat down the lake and admiring the beauty of Hyde Park could make for a really enjoyable day out. They have recently reopened, offering prices of £10 for 30 minutes, or £12 per hour!

Old Spitalfields Market, Shoreditch

I recently visited Old Spitalfields Market after a vintage shopping trip on Brick Lane, and had to mention it on this list. Old Spitalfields Market is home to around 31 different food and drink stalls from all different cultures, as well as other different shops to explore. Although my visit was short, I would love to come back here again soon just to try out a few small dishes from different cultures! We went around 4pm during the week, and although there were still a few people here and there, there was plenty of space to sit, and the tables were socially distanced. A great place to stop off during a London trip.

I would love to know where your favourite COVID-friendly London day out ideas include! Leave them in the comments below. In the meantime, have fun exploring!

(Also, if any of the original photographers want their picture taken down, please let me know!)

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