Mayor Of London Candidates – Who They Are And What They’re Promising

The other day, I received the Mayor of London and London Assembly booklet, outlining all the candidates and some of the candidates’ ‘mini- manifestos’, as well as general information about the election. I think it’s fair to say that I had zero clue about who to vote for – I feel politics has almost taken a backseat in light of the pandemic and Brexit. But nevertheless, there’s still a vote to be had on the 6th May on who is going to make London the best it can be.

I’ve always been somewhat interested in politics – I took Government and Politics at A Level, and almost considered taking a politics-related degree! In the past year though, I’ll be the first to say that politics has been more different than ever, and my view of the dominant parties has continually changed. But for those who aren’t that interested in politics yet want some basic information about the candidates, their background, and their propositions, I created this to help you with your decision (remember, having the opportunity to vote is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted, so make your vote count!)

How voting works

You have 2 choices to make. You will mark a first choice candidate in Column A, and a second choice in Column B (they must be for different candidates each time). If one candidate receives more than half of all of the first choice votes, they become Mayor. If not, the two candidates with the most first choice votes go into a second round. If your first choice was eliminated and you voted for one of the top two in a second vote, those votes are then counted. The candidate with the most combined votes wins.

*Disclaimer – the order of this is random and is no way influenced by my political opinion! I have also tried to make this unbiased by not including any ‘scandals’, and have focused more on former background and policies. I have got my research from the Government mailed booklet (mentioned before) and other sources will be linked throughout*

Conservative – Shaun Bailey

Background: Current member of the London Assembly; 20-year background in youth work; helped deliver NCS (National Citizen Service)

Three key manifesto points:

  • Making streets safer – plans to hire 8,000 more police and open 32 new youth centres
  • Helping young people get on the housing ladder – plans to build 100,000 new homes and sell them for £100,000 each
  • TfL finance improvement – introduction of a corporate sponsorship programme to the tube network, with promises to protect under-18 and over-60’s free travel

Other policies include environmental promises, scrapping taxes and creating 924,000 new jobs over the next five years. More info on Shaun here.

Labour – Sadiq Khan

Background: current London Mayor; former human rights lawyer; EU supporter

Three key manifesto points:

  • Jobs – pushing the Government to provide more financial support for businesses big and small
  • Environment – aims to tackle air pollution and climate change, including by improving cycle and walking routes
  • Financial cuts imposed by Government – aims to reject any cuts made to Tfl, Met Police and local councils, as well as make transport more affordable

Other policies include promises to fix the housing crisis, and to tackle crime by providing more opportunities for young people. More info on Sadiq here.

Liberal Democrats – Luisa Porritt

Background: Former MEP (Member of European Parliament); former journalist, with experience in economics; co-founder of ECON+ (a network to engage young people with economic policy making)

Three key manifesto points:

  • Jobs – plans to create more jobs, support smaller businesses and the self-employed, and introduce a London Apprenticeships Hub
  • Homes – plans to convert empty office spaces into affordable housing, fight for cladding scandal victims, and establish a London Housing Company for affordable housing
  • Clean Air – plans to invest in green transport, and cut polluting projects

Other policies include restoring trust in the police, more youth services and supporting the rights of EU citizens. More info on Luisa here.

Green Party – Sian Berry

Background: currently a London Assembly member; former pro-transport campaigner by profession; local councillor for Camden

Three key manifesto points:

  • Housing – promises to stop the destructive demolition of council homes, bring down costs of renting, and strengthen rights of renters
  • Transport – plans to reduce fares within London and Greater London, and create a single fare zone
  • Safety – plans to instate more police within communities, and invest in youth services and mental health

Other policies include keeping the green spaces in London protected, as well as focusing on cleaner air. More info on Sian here.

Social Democrat Party (SDP) – Steve Kelleher

Background: currently works in recruitment; 20 years experience in foreign exchange investment banking; cricket coach

Three key manifesto points:

  • Police support – plans to increase police officers patrolling within communities by 10,000
  • Transport – promises to provide free public transport for people in the three years running up to their 25th birthday, as well as a London Citizen Card for occasional free travel
  • Housing – plans to create 50,000 new council homes per year by 2024

Other policies include introducing a Points Super Bonus scheme for young people born and brought up in their borough when applying to social housing. More info on Steve here.

Independent – Nims Obunge

Background: former financial adviser; CEO of The Peace Alliance (working with government on policies and supporting victims of violent crimes) ; board member of the London Criminal Justice Partnership (Government agency)

Three key manifesto points:

  • Community – create Community Coaches to support individuals and families, and recruit trusted police officers
  • Housing – introduce new methods of construction to builder cost effective homes better and faster
  • Business and Lifestyle – create a COVID business recovery fund, and create apprenticeship and entrepreneurship programmes

Other policies include reviewing council tax and TfL costs, reopening youth centres, and focussing on carbon neutrality and mental/physical health. More info on Nims here.

Burning Pink – Valerie Brown

Background: supporter of extinction rebellion; Londoner; activist

Three key manifesto points:

  • Wants to get rid of the mayoral position and replace it with a Citizens Assembly, a body of randomly selected members of the public called to discuss issues
  • Campaigning for more of a focus on climate change
  • Are for the people, by the people

Other facts to know about this party are that they are anti-politics and want to put citizens back in power. More info on Valerie here.

UKIP – Peter Gammons

Background: Doctor; motivational speaker; author

Three key manifesto points:

  • Safety – increase policing, and promises to protect women and young people
  • Affordability – promises to create affordable housing, freeze council tax, protect renters and end homelessness
  • Efficiency – promises to protect those who can’t afford electric cars, cut bicycle lanes and protect black cabs

Other policies include protecting green spaces, ending lockdown and opposing racism. More info on Peter here.

Rejoin EU – Richard Hewison

Background: works in financial services; campaigner for LGBTQ+ rights; Londoner

Three key manifesto points:

  • To re-join the European Union (for freedom of movement, market access, employee protections etc.)
  • The arts – Provide administrative and financial support to London artists and musicians wanting to perform within the EU
  • Supports action against any Mayor, Deputy Mayor or London Assembly member misleading the public

Other policies include making London a main service centre for Europe, along with restoring other things that came with being in the EU, such as the Erasmus scheme. More info on Richard here.

Independent – Farah London

Background: 22 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience; founder and CEO of a global government business forum; 20 years actively volunteering for social justice programmes and charities

Three key manifesto points:

  • Jobs – create more job opportunities
  • Affordability – reduce the congestion charge to £12 (Mon-Fri, 7am-7pm), and make London more affordable
  • Prioritises animal welfare

Other policies include making London safer, bringing more investment, opening Tech London and supporting the LGBTQ+ community. More info on Farah here.

Let London Live – Piers Corbyn

Background: founder and director of weather forecasting company, WeatherAction; activist; conspiracy theorist

Three key manifesto points:

  • COVID: end lockdown, and is against vaccine passports
  • Spending: direct towards illnesses such as cancer and diabetes
  • Lifestyle: protect council housing and end homelessness

Other policies include prioritising business recovery, the NHS, policing, and free speech. Read more on Piers here.

Woman’s Equality Party – Mandu Reid

Background: Founder of The Cup Effect (a non-profit charity/social enterprise aimed at ending period poverty by making menstrual cups more accessible); spokesperson for equal parenting and caregiving; 12 years experience working in the Greater London Authority

Three key manifesto points:

  • Top priority – ending violence against women and investing in care-led recovery
  • Affordability – creating affordable childcare
  • Making London a wellbeing capital

Other policies include making London the first gender-equal city in the world. More info on Mandu here.

Independent – Brian Rose

Background: former banker on Wall Street; podcaster; founder of London Real academy (live personal mentorship courses)

Three key manifesto points:

  • Keep London working – introduce a 31-day festival, and abolish the congestion charge
  • Safety – build 250 community centres with money from big business, and add 10,000 new community police
  • Housing – build 50,000 affordable homes by Christmas and 100,000 each year following

Other policies include investing profits from new developments back into the community, and creating a 10-year plan for Tfl. More info on Brian here.

Heritage Party – David Kurten

Background: member of the London Assembly; in multiple committees in City Hall, including Transport, Fire & Emergency, and Education; in the Assembly of the Brexit Alliance Group

Three key manifesto points:

  • Defend free speech and liberty
  • Safety – 3,000 more police officers in London, ending politically correct policing, and increasing targeted stop and search
  • Transport – remove pop-up cycle lanes, scrap evening and weekend congestion charge fees, and end road blockages between neighbourhoods

Other policies include protecting British heritage by stopping regeneration of historic buildings and pubs, and scrapping HS2 and completing the Crossrail. More info on David here.

Renew Party – Kam Balayev

Background: worked in the Ministry of Justice in Baku, former lawyer; advisor to the Fletcher School of Diplomacy and International Law

Three key manifesto points:

  • Introduce The New Economy into London (an economy powered by data)
  • Rebrand London as e-London to attract new jobs and businesses
  • Travel – revise the congestion charge and freeze fares on TfL

Other policies include rewarding first-time home buyers with incentives, reviving London as a sporting hub, and rebuilding youth clubs. More info on Kam here.

Animal Welfare Party – Vanessa Hudson

Background: 24 years experience in media production; founding member of Vegan Runners UK (vegan athletics club for all levels); 15 years experience as a freelance producer and director

Three key manifesto points:

  • Environment – carbon net zero for London by 2025
  • Health – save NHS funds, protect the planet, and help prevent future pandemics by promoting a plant-based diet
  • Animals – better protect animals in London and reject speciesism

Other policies include producing sustainable and affordable homes, incentivising public transport, and expanding biodiversity. More info on Vanessa here.

The Reclaim Party – Laurence Fox

Background: actor; singer-songwriter; political activist

Three key manifesto points:

  • COVID – Ending lockdown and reopening businesses, restaurants, theatres etc.
  • Policing – tackle knife crime, and take the politics out of policing
  • Lifestyle – create more homes, improve education, and make bus and tube fares lower

Other policies include scrapping plans to tear down London’s statues, and promoting freedom of speech, thought and enquiry. More info on Laurence here.

Independent – Count Binface

Background: a comedian called Jon Harvey; previously ran for MP of Uxbridge and South Ruislip in 2019; previously called Lord Buckethead

Three key manifesto points:

  • For London to re-join the EU
  • Finance – The government ministers’ pay to be tied to that of nurses for the next 100 years
  • Finish Crossrail

Other policies include no shop selling a croissant for more than £1, and renaming London Bridge after Phoebe Waller. More info on Count Binface here.

Independent – Max Fosh

Background: Youtuber; radio presenter; Newcastle University alumni

Three key manifesto points:

  • Sports – An annual inter-borough sports day with funding for sports equipment and gyms gets allocated in order from worst to best
  • Introduction of fast and slow walking lanes
  • Create a high-speed rail link between Cambridge and London

Other policies include holding a Tomatina festival in London but with tinned tomatoes, and making Laurence Fox’s song ‘The Distance’ the siren of all police cars. More info on Max here.

Independent – Niko Omilana

Background: Youtuber; member of the Beta Squad; founder of the Niko Defence League (NDL)

Three key manifesto points:

  • Equal opportunities
  • To fix the ‘broken system’ for young people
  • To lend a hand to anyone that needs it

I’m really sorry to say this is literally all I can find – he has not published a manifesto. This is where I got information on Niko from.

I hope all these links and information points help make your decision easier! If there’s anything I’ve missed, leave it in the comments below. Happy voting!

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