The Girlfriend’s Guide To FIFA – The No Bullsh*t, No Judgement, And Not Sexist Version

After the success of my ‘The Girlfriend’s Guide’ Instagram posts, it seemed like the perfect time to introduce the series to my blog (and maybe make it a more permanent addition). The reason I created this series is because some people are genuinely curious about the typical ‘gendered’ topics, but every attempt of a post to educate them is either condescending or extremely sexist.

As a female who grew up watching sports with my dad, I’m so glad I didn’t get forced into this bubble of liking only typical ‘girl’ things. Whilst I may not be a complete expert on a sport, many sports, or even stereotypically male topics, I know bits and pieces here and there, and I know there are women out there who increasingly want to learn more about these topics without them being mansplained. I doubt many men are a complete expert on all these things either! I’m sure their knowledge is pretty spread out, but I’m almost certain that given the opportunity, with no judgement from anyone, they would be even the slightest bit curious about stereotypically female topics.

I’ve been wanting to do a gaming edition of this series for a while, and when a lovely follower suggested FIFA, I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to start. Without further ado, here are the need-to-know basics of FIFA (it’s in the game).

The Bottom Line – What is it?

FIFA, the game, is simply a football game released annually, created by EA Sports, with licencing from FIFA, the governing body of football globally. It contains different game modes, and uses existing teams and players in the real world. FIFA is one of the most popular games in gaming history, and is available on gaming systems such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. You can play in single player or online/multiplayer.

Game Modes

Whilst there are other game modes, these are the two main game modes that people tend to play and stream online.

Ultimate Team (FUT) – build your own club using any players or managers you want. You can improve your team’s performance by earning rewards (via winning games, for example), which you can then use to increase your budget and build a team with better quality players. You can buy packs with your FIFA virtual money or even real life money to acquire players for your team, or sell them on the FIFA transfer market.

Pro Clubs – create your own, unique player, pick a position on the pitch, and play online with your friends versus another team. You can get skill points just by playing games, which can then be used to level up your player by applying them to aspects such as pace and strength. Compete in divisions (like real life leagues) and improve your player and your team’s skills and rating.

Other game modes include Career Mode (managing an already existing team), VOLTA Football (playing football on the streets instead of a pitch), and Tournaments (competing in tournaments versus other players).

FUT Packs

You can buy packs or earn packs via competing. These packs typically contain a certain number of player cards, as well as cards to help your team or individual players, such as chemistry styles and player contracts. There are different packs available, with each having different amounts of players, and different level players, for example.

Players and Their Cards

Each real life player in the game has their own card, with a colour and statistics. These can be bought in the transfer market, or acquiring via packs. Bronze coloured players are the lowest level. Silver players are next, then gold is the highest. You can get white cards, which are Icon players, which are footballers that are not actively playing anymore.

Other colours are typically limited edition: black cards are Team Of The Week cards, meaning that FIFA has selected these players for performing well that week. Red cards, acquired through FUT Champions Weekend League tournaments, are the pack reward gained for competing, which will be the same as the Team Of The Week cards. Dark blue cards are for players competing in the Champions League, with their rating improving the further they get in the competition. The same happens with Europa League, but with black and orange cards. Other colours and designs exist for different editions FIFA decide to create, such as Ones To Watch.

The cards will be formatted as follows: their overall rating will be the largest number, displayed on the top left. Their pitch position will be underneath, with their nationality and club following. Any overall rating above 86+ is ideal, and some of the best. The highest number achievable is 99. Their skills, alongside ratings are listed below: they will get marked on pace, shooting, passing, dribbling, defence and physicality.


I’ve attached this handy page for those who want to get ahead and understand some of the controls (this page lists the controls for PlayStation and Xbox)!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and if there’s anything more you want to know about FIFA, or even another topic, let me know in the comments below!

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