The Face Behind The Brand: Isabella From Sabel Digital

You may have seen on my Instagram that from March 1st to March 8th, I will be posting the accounts of my favourite female bloggers and generally inspiring women on my feed to celebrate International Women’s Day. It seemed fitting that for this weeks blog post, I bring back ‘the face behind the brand’, this time, featuring one of my favourite people on Instagram, Isabella from Sabel Digital.

We connected a few months ago now, and whilst she’s an all-round lovely person, she creates killer content: from marketing tips to social media tricks, she creates informative and engaging content which has hugely helped me personally in my Instagram journey. As someone not in the marketing field, she has made me truly enjoy marketing content (which is something I thought I’d never say!) and has come out with ideas I can use in my content with every single post she creates. She’s a bold presence within the blogging and social media help community, and it also helps that she’s super friendly!

I’m super excited to be collaborating with Isabella for the first time – I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed creating these questions.

Where did the name Sabel Digital come from?

I’ve always loved my name! I was named after my favourite Aunty Elizabeth, and I come from a Christian family so my mum wanted my name to have some kind of biblical meaning and the name Isabella comes from the name Elizabeth. Being a believer and having a name meaning ‘oath of God’, I knew that I wanted to include my name in my brand one day somehow. And that’s how Sabel Digital was born.

Where did your love of marketing come from?

Funnily enough, I never knew about marketing or that it could be a potential career for me until 2018. I’ve always been creative and even did art GCSE, and I’ve always been a creative writer. The first day of my internship at a PR agency was the day that I realised that I could combine the two and actually get paid to create with a purpose. I love creating and being able to from a completely blank canvas to a great piece of content.

Why do you do what you do?

I’m big on helping people in life. I worked in customer service based roles from the age of 16 until 21, and I was also someone that went through a lot in my teenage years. I always said that if my purpose was revealed to me then I’d always help people through what I do. In marketing I’m able to help my workplace to acquire new customers through our marketing activities, and through Sabel Digital I’m able to share what I know to make social and digital marketing easy. I also like to just be myself and be honest through the things I do as you never know who you can help and who might relate to your story.

What’s your favourite way to gain inspiration for your content?

I read a lot of different types of content. I read blogs such as Hubspot and Social Media Today to keep up with the latest trends. I listen to podcasts such as Marketing School by Neil Patel. I also scroll through LinkedIn to see what the latest conversation is in marketing. And let tell you a secret… Facebook groups are gold! People are always asking for advice and discussing topics which lets me know what others are thinking! Consuming content from different sources is key for me. 

What do you most enjoy about running Sabel Digital?

It’s the people I get to speak with on a day to day basis. A lot of my friends are in different fields to me, so for a long time I didn’t have anyone to talk to about marketing. Now I’ve connected with people who have the same interests as me – people I can learn from and also people I can teach. I honestly feel like I’ve made real friends as a result of Sabel Digital.

What’s been your biggest obstacle?

I think burnout is probably the thing that happens to me if anything. With the current situation we’re in, I have found that I spend a lot of time working, sometimes 12 hours a day, but it’s something I’m working on. Although, I’ve been a workaholic since the age of 16 so it’s been a process getting the balance right!

What is your biggest achievement with Sabel Digital?

My biggest achievement is that I’ve found a safe space that’s allowed me to step out of my comfort zone to do things I never thought I’d ever do. I’d never imagined that I’d be hosting a regular social event or masterclasses!

So you created your first masterclass! How did you go about creating it and what motivated you to create it in the first place?

Yes, finally! Everyday I’m answering questions in my comments and DM’s to help people, and I thought with the success of The Social Linkup, why not do a masterclass? Creating something to help others and solve their problems was the key for me. Many want to grow on social media, but if we can shift to focusing on community, I think this works very well. I created this masterclass to share what I know!

What do you wish you knew sooner?

I wish I’d gone for it all earlier! I was actually on Instagram in June but I didn’t start posting until September out of fear that no one would care about what I had to say. My advice to others would be that there is somebody out there that is looking for what you have to share. You just have to create/go for it and put yourself out there and find those who would need you!

Tell us something that people may not know about you.

I might seem put together now, but just a few years ago I really wasn’t. I was confused, and to be honest my life, was a hot mess. That’s why I never want to pretend to be someone else or to present myself as someone I’m not. I may be in a decent position but I’m not afraid to speak of my failures to help others and I think that’s an important thing to do in life. 

What advice would you give to new marketers or people joining the IG world for their blog/business?

I would say put yourself out there! What do I mean by that? Socialise with people and get to know people. Send DM’s, react to Stories, leave meaningful comments. This will allow you to connect with people and to get to know others. Many want growth straight away but you also do have to put the work in!

Since this interview, Isabella has also just announced that she’s releasing a monthly newsletter as well as one to one coaching sessions. It’s so great to see how much she’s built in such a short time, and it was a pleasure to interview her. For more by Isabella, check out her website here and her Instagram here.

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