The Teenage Cancer Trust – Who They Are, The Challenge And Why You Should Donate

Last month, an old school friend of mine (hi Sofia, if you’re reading!) reached out to me and told me about this 2800 Squat Challenge she’s doing as a charity fundraiser. She told me it was for the Teenage Cancer Trust, a charity I’d never heard of but I thought the name was pretty self-explanatory. Together, along with another old classmate, took on the challenge together to do 2800 squats each in the month of February and posted a fundraiser on Facebook. Today is the last day of the challenge, and I wanted to share what I’ve learnt about the charity and what they do, as well as how I got on with the challenge. I will leave some links at the end on how you can donate (and please do if you can – every little helps!)

Who they are

The Teenage Cancer Trust is a charity that works to provide support and care to young people in the UK that have been diagnosed with cancer. I was shocked to find out that seven people EVERY DAY between the ages of 13-24 get told they have cancer. I’m sure most of us know of someone that has had cancer in their lifetime: I can’t begin to imagine hearing it ever, never mind at such a young age, but unfortunately, a lot of people do. The Teenage Cancer Trust is the only UK charity to specialise in teenage cancer support.

What they do

Cancer Units

They have 28 specialist care units dotted around the UK within NHS hospitals so that they can bring cancer patients aged 13-24 together to be seen by teenage cancer experts.

Specialist Staff

The charity funds specialist nurses, youth support coordinators and other specialist staff members to work within hospitals and within the community. They help with practical and emotional support, and help them plan their lives after treatment.

Support Outside Units

Through their Nursing and Support Programme, patients can choose to be treated at home or in their local hospital. As the trust only has 28 specialist care units, over half of young people are not treated within them. This programme allows young people to still get assigned a team that will travel out to them for support.

Educational Resources

They provide high quality resources and deliver school talks to bring about awareness. In fact, in 2019, £2 million was spent on providing educational resources.

Hair4U/Little Princess Trust

Hair4U/Little Princess Trust work with the Teenage Cancer Trust to provide free real hair wigs to those who have lost their hair in chemo.

The Challenge

This year, I said to myself I was going to try and fundraise or donate more to charity, so I jumped at the opportunity to join when my friend told me about the fundraiser. The trust had put together a challenge: to do 2800 squats in February and raise money via Facebook. Today is the last day (but that shouldn’t stop you from donating if you can!), and I’ve still got 100 squats left to do admittedly, but it was fun and I got to connect more with my old classmates. Obviously, the cause is incredible and I’m so glad that I done this, and we ended up raising £350 when we set the bar at £200! If you did donate, thank you so much for your donation and we appreciate every penny!

Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly – depends how you view squats), doing 100 a day was a task! I either forgot, or got tired. There are so many different variations of squats too, and if you do plan on doing a similar challenge, see if any home workout videos incorporate squats and count them as you go along – that really helped when I was doing the challenge.

Why am I talking about the challenge? Challenges are a fun way to donate to some great causes. Take every opportunity you can to do some sort of challenge for a charity – it’s mutually beneficial, especially if it’s fitness related!

Where you can donate

As this is the final day of my fundraiser, and you may be reading this later than the 28th February 2021, you can donate on their website here. If you’re reading today and fancy donating, head over to my stories for a link!

Tomorrow, I will be posting a video of the entire challenge on my IGTV (and possibly underneath this post). I’m so excited to share the video with you all and hopefully my editing skills have got a tiny bit better! I hope you enjoyed reading about this charity, especially if it was new to you. Thanks for reading x

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