The Face Behind The Brand: Angel From BlogR

When I started out as a blogger, it was just me, myself and I. I had no idea what I was doing! It wasn’t until I joined Instagram that I started to get to grips with the blogging world and what it had to offer. That’s when I stumbled across BlogR, and it really changed my blogging experience for the better.

You may have seen me mention BlogR a few times, most recently on my first ‘Let’s Talk’ post, and that’s because I really would recommend following and engaging with this page as a new blogger (or even a well-developed blogger!) It only seemed fitting that I start off the The Face Behind The Brand series with BlogR because of how much this page has helped me: here you will find a global community of bloggers all gathered in one place, so you can discover new blogs and discuss all the need-to-knows of the blogging world. But who makes all the magic happen?

This is where I’ll introduce Angel, the face behind the site. Not only has she created this amazing space (one that as a blogger I was dying for!), but she is one of the kindest and most approachable people I have met on this platform. I really wanted to get to know her and the makings of BlogR (whilst sneaking in some questions about an exciting upcoming project I’d heard about), so I reached out to her on Instagram and this was the result. I hope you enjoy the first in this series, and I’d love to know who you’d like me to interview next!

How would you describe BlogR for those who don’t know?

BlogR is a platform to assist with the connectivity of bloggers and blog readers from all corners of the world! It’s a safe and supportive environment for you to find more of the content you love, expand your network and to collaborate with other bloggers and businesses. For the meantime, we are an Instagram blog that provides quick fire blogging tips and tricks and our monthly newsletter is also making a comeback soon!

What inspired you to create a space for bloggers? Why bloggers?

Many people I speak to assume I created BlogR as I must be a blogger myself, which actually isn’t actually true! The idea for BlogR came as I was (and still am) a blog reader, trying to find a specific blog about eastern European interrailing. My first port of call was Google, but only the most established blogs with SEO practices in place would be found, and I’m not sure about you, but I’m not the type of person to endlessly scroll on Google! That moment was a lightbulb for me. You have Instagram for photos, Tiktok for videos, Snapchat for temporary text and Facebook for the general community; but I wasn’t aware of a platform that was dedicated to blogs. So, I started with an Instagram page and have built the community to almost 1,300 (which I find so crazy!) and have connected bloggers internationally already, so I can only imagine what our official platform will bring!

What is the most exciting thing that has happened so far for BlogR?

We launched our first promo video less than a week ago, and the amount of support we received was completely overwhelming. I am from a non-technical background, so creating and editing was definitely a learning experience, and one that will be remembered! I received so many lovely messages of congratulations and that was a really exciting moment as the video allowed me to share more about what BlogR is. Knowing that some of our followers are patiently waiting for us to launch, is such an incredible feeling.

What has been the biggest challenge for BlogR?

Honestly, the biggest challenge about BlogR so far has been me. I am the type of person that if I think too big, I get scared and stop doing whatever it is I am doing! I was so nervous to even start the Instagram page as I feared what other people thought. Whenever people would ask about BlogR, I would often minimise what plans I had for it, and would change the subject asap. It’s definitely easier said than done (and I am still very much working on it), but don’t let other people’s opinions get in your way and be proud of whatever it is you are doing!
Another reason why I was keen to create our promo video is because it has been challenging to demonstrate to our audience what we are creating, when we didn’t have a product or service to show for it. This definitely opened my eyes to the importance of community from the early stages. We have bloggers and readers who support us (who haven’t even seen a demo of our official platform yet!) as we frequently focus on our community.

So the new platform is launching soon – can we get any details?

Yes and I am so excited!!! About a week ago I saw the first developments of the platform! I am incredibly lucky that one of our family friends, Michael, is doing the web development for me. We will be getting on some users for beta testing soon to ensure reliability and to gain initial feedback. Without giving too much away, all users will have their own profile to upload their blogs and will be able to engage with other accounts on the platform. Think of it as a mini Instagram/Pinterest for blogs!

What do you hope for the future of BlogR?

Hmm this is a tricky one. For those who are not aware, I am doing BlogR as part of my university placement year. I would absolutely love to go into BlogR full time after I have graduated as I feel very passionate about what I am currently creating. My aim for BlogR is for it to be an established name within the blogging community and for it to be known as a supportive environment for everyone to be able to share their stories and experiences.

I try to not let myself get too carried away in my head as we haven’t even launched yet haha, but I would hope for it to be the haven for bloggers, blog readers and businesses looking to collaborate; so watch this space and stay tuned!

Personally, I am so excited about the future of BlogR and I’m so glad this new platform is being created. Angel’s right: there is no platform dedicated to bloggers, and hearing (or reading rather) her talk about the space she’s creating is literally what my blogging dreams are made of. If you haven’t already, follow BlogR on Instagram and sign up to their website to be notified of the arrival of the new platform! Until then, I’ll be patiently waiting by my laptop until I get said email notification.

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