My Yearly Goals: What I Want To Achieve In The Next Year

Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone had a great end of year (as good as it could have been anyway) and hopefully a well-deserved rest.

Now I’m not usually one to set new years resolutions: I just personally don’t see the point of only starting at the beginning of the year, when you can start at any time and at any place during the year. However, I did see people posting their yearly goals along with some prompts, and to be honest, thinking about it made for a nice mental reset, really taking the time to figure out what it is I want for this year. So instead of calling it a resolution, let’s call it manifesting my goals onto paper (or screen, if you will).

I used to struggle making realistic goals or any goals at all, but this year has really put things into perspective. I’ve really figured out what I love to do and what’s important to me. If you’re struggling for inspiration, I would start there. Also remember that nothing is too ‘far-fetched’ – you just need to set realistic mini-goals to achieve it. What I mean by that is setting smaller goals, for example every day, week and/or month, to help you achieve that bigger goal.

This year, I discovered my love for blogging. So from that, I envisioned how I want my blog to grow and how I want to do that. So, one of my goals for the year is to put out quality content each time I post. So for me, I’ll work on thinking if my work benefits others or inspires others (inspiring others was always one of the core values of my blog to begin with, so I’m really working on benefitting others this year).

Bloggers: I’ll link my two favourite IG posts that I’ve seen over the new year below! These really helped me find my blogging goals (and other goals!).

Another one of my goals is fitness related: I really delved into the world of fitness during our first lockdown, and felt so much better mentally and physically since building a routine. So, I really want to keep it up! Mini goals for me include: walking more daily (maybe setting a certain number of steps to do each day would help? Remember, most phones have a pedometer on them!) and setting time aside to do a workout at least 5 times a week (an adjustable number).

I also want to keep up my blog/work balance in the new year. I’m (hopefully) graduating this year, and I really want to graduate with a 2:1 or a first! What I realised, especially over blogmas, is that I managed my blogging and assignment time fairly well! Granted I don’t know all of my results yet, even throughout the year I was blogging once-twice a week and managed to get good grades. I’ve proved to myself I can do it once, so who’s to say I can’t do it again? As I say this, I’m knocking on wood and hoping for good outcomes for my upcoming results, I would like to maintain this consistency in my blog and university work, knowing when to stop and when to start, creating quality content in both aspects of my life.

Hopefully I didn’t jinx anything, but these are some of my other goals for the year ahead.

Just before I started writing this post, I started writing down my personal goals from this journal prompt post I saw on Instagram. The questions were a lot more difficult than expected, but really helped me put into perspective what it is I want. If you’re stuck for ideas, give it a go.

Taken from @feedmeglow on Instagram

One of my favourite quotes of all time is ‘every day is a new day’, meaning that you can start fresh every single day. Don’t get too caught up if you don’t achieve everything or even one of your goals each day, but use your goals as inspiration for the next day. In the meantime, I would love to know what your goals are for the year ahead. Thanks for reading x

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