5 Habits I Want To Take Into 2021 – Blogmas Day 11

It’s nearing the end of the year (and only 4 sleeps till Christmas!) and I think it’s fair to say that a lot has changed: we live our lives differently than we used to, for good or for bad, and assuming this English tier system will remain a couple months into the new year, it will stay that way.

The first lockdown taught me a lot about myself, my fitness and what I enjoy doing with free time, so for me, I didn’t feel myself struggling. The following lockdowns (including this current tier 4 lockdown that my area is in) have seen me struggling a bit more – losing beneficial habits I may have picked up, but learning more about the fact that it’s okay to let myself go every now and again, and it can even be useful.

From habits I’ve picked up this year to habits I would like to start in this new year (a resolution, if you will), here are my top 5 habits I want to bring into 2021.

1. A constant fitness routine

(I’m writing this as I’ve finished Chinese takeaway leftovers from the night before) but a fitness routine has become so engrained in me this past year, that I feel awful on the days I do nothing. I’ve realised how good fitness makes my mental and physical health, and whilst I’m no expert on fitness, I do recognise the benefits it can have on every single person. The ‘issue’, is keeping it constant. Whilst Christmas for me is a break to not be as harsh on myself, I do want to remind myself not to lose these habits into the new year, and keep it going even when life starts to get back to being busy again.

2. Become a domestic goddess

Whilst the vision of women being the only people that should cook and clean is frowned upon (which I agree with), it’s something that I personally need to improve on! Learning more basic recipes, trying adventurous ones, being more involved in housework etc: they’re all things I want to become good at or at least try harder at.

3. Become more organised

I’m generally quite organised, but I did feel myself slipping at the end of this year (although I’ve pulled through everything, up until this point anyway!). Making more lists and generally being more productive is a goal I wish to work harder at, especially in my final year of university.

4. Constantly learn about new things

I literally google every single small thing I want to know the answer to, but I really want to put more time and effort into learning new things about the world – from things I’m interested in, like languages and causes to be more aware about, to things I (maybe) should already know about, like money and budgeting. Remember, knowledge is power!

5. Blog more and build my platform

January 2021 will be my first anniversary of my first ever blog post. I’ve fallen in love with blogging, and actually made it a hobby that I’ve stuck too! I’ve loved pouring my heart out on these pages, watching my space grow, putting myself out there, engaging with other content creators – I would love to keep it up, building my blog up, doing good things for our community and taking blogging even more seriously than I already do.

I would love to know if you share any likeness to these habits, or have any of your own habits you want to take into 2021. Once again, thanks for reading and supporting (my next post will be my last one of the year!) x

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4 thoughts on “5 Habits I Want To Take Into 2021 – Blogmas Day 11

  1. Like you, no.5 is something I’d like to work on too. I set up my Totetally Legal blog in November 2019, but it was only in June 2020 that I finally decided to have it self-hosted. Since then, I’ve been writing and sharing both my old and new content. I hope I can do this for a longer time in the future. ❤


    1. Congratulations!! That’s a massive step!! And yes, definitely looking to set up my own domain and just really focus in on my writing, my blog appearance etc and hope to do this for a long time in the future too☺️

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