How To Have A Great Friendsmas In All Tiers – Blogmas Day 6

Friendsmas, for those who don’t know, is a celebration of Christmas with your friends. It can involve pretty much anything: swapping presents, indulging in all the food, going out, staying in, watching films – anything!

But this year, Friendsmas is going to be a bit different. For those not living in England, we’ve been split into three tiers, with the majority in tier 2 or 3. This basically means we have restrictions on meeting and going out. This post will hopefully give all of you the inspo to show that Friendsmas isn’t dead and there’s still loads of things you can do!

Movie Night

Movie night can still go on! Why not try having a Netflix party? Pick your favourite Christmas (or any) film, get into your pjs, pop a zoom chat or any chat on the side, and enjoy the movie at the same time, all from the comfort of your home. Bring ALL the snacks you want and enjoy a virtual movie night experience.

Friendsmas Dinner

For those in tier 2, dinner is a great option! Book an outdoor table for your group of 6 or less (find a place with heaters!!) and enjoy a nice dinner out. Dress up and enjoy!

Have your own Christmas Day!

For those living with their friends (uni students etc), why not have an early Christmas Day before you all go back to your families? Complete it all with Christmas crackers, Christmas dinner and maybe even a couple games.

Secret Santa through the mail

Gather your group and do a Secret Santa! Once you have your person, set a date, (set a budget if you want to), and organise a group zoom call so you can open it all at the same time. Just make sure to send your gifts before its too late!

The Powerpoint Game

I saw this everywhere during the first lockdown, and it may make a fun friendsmas night idea, if this is your kind of thing. What you do is you each create a short presentation about literally anything (I’ve seen drunken night outs rated with pictures, who came first: the chicken or the egg, why [blank] should stop dating etc) and set up a night to present it to each other. Again, this is a great zoom idea for a bit of a giggle.

Outdoor Activities

Tier 2 – make the most of your outdoor activities! I’ve seen that some ice skating rinks are open, Christmas markets, or even just taking a walk around your town/city or your nearest city for something a bit different. Sometimes, being a tourist in your own city may lead you to experience things you never thought existed!

Friendsmas doesn’t have to be cancelled just because it may not be the same as other years! And for those who have never done a friendsmas, why not give it a go? Let me know if you try any of these ideas or what you’re doing this year x

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One thought on “How To Have A Great Friendsmas In All Tiers – Blogmas Day 6

  1. Omg secret Santa through the mail🤔 I wanna do this now with my friends😂😂 about to screenshot this and send it to them! Really great post Monica with such good ideas


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