Why I Made A Vision Board For 2021 – Blogmas Day 5

I saw a while back on Naomi Genes’ Instagram stories that she made a vision board. Admittedly, I’ve never been one to really idolise the idea of manifestation and writing down goals – if they’re in your head already, why write them down? Sure, it’s a fun arts and crafts project but nothing more than that. Then, I saw Sophia Tuxford and Cinzia Baylis-Zullo do it, and watching them do it actually made me think “well, what’s the harm in trying?”

So, off I went to make a vision board.

I’ve always been bad at setting goals. My ideas for what I want in the future constantly change, so I get bored of my previous goals. Some always remain the same, and I said earlier, they’re always in my head. I also believe there’s not point in setting long-term goals or creating 5 year plans or anything like that: I just think it’s impossible to plan anything, things are bound to change, you can’t plan out your future step by step and God always has a plan for you. Who knows what might come your way?

But I guess a vision board is different. A vision board allows you to put up inspiration for things you want to do in the future and in my opinion, serves as a constant reminder to help make it happen. This is why I created mine: I made myself a desktop background (I’m on my laptop almost every single day, so I’ll always see it) and it’ll help me strive to do the things I’ve always wanted to. (I cropped the vision board so I don’t get copywrited!)

2020 has been a tough year for all of us, and one full of many restrictions. 2021 is hopefully the beginning of a year of revival for everyone. I can only hope that the vaccines stop the spread of the virus and things will start to recuperate and get back to some sort of normality. I’ve always been a dreamer, but this is one dream I hope comes true and whilst we do recover eventually, why not start making my goals come true? I guess this vision board is serving as a way to look at my dreams and never forget them. One thing I learnt in these vision board videos is that most of these goals and dreams normally do come true!

You can make your vision board in any way you like: I made mine a desktop background, but yours can be on an actual cork board (like Naomi, Sophia and Cinzia’s were), on the notes on your phone or anything like that. It can be filled with handwritten goals, quotes or pictures from your phone or magazines. I made mine using my own pictures and Pinterest pictures and made them look like a collage. The kind of pictures I put up there reflected goals such as travelling more, making more memories, building confidence, continuing blogging (possibly moving to my own domain!) and fitness.

I think in these dark times, it’s good to have something to look too, and this is why I made a vision board. Whilst this may just end up being a fun, crafty project, this is also a trial to see whether these vision boards do actually work. I might be proven wrong about the importance of manifestation. Maybe I’ll update you in December next year!

Have you made a vision board before? Do you believe in them? Let me know in the comments below x

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