The Fitness Gift Guide – Blogmas Day 4

We all know one of them – the ones who are just obsessed with everything fitness related. Whether it’s your favourite gym lad or the ones constantly trying to beat their PB, it can be quite difficult to shop for the person who seems like they have everything they need.

On the other hand, you could be struggling to get something for that certain someone, then realising (thanks to this post) that they are new to the world of fitness and may need a few bits and bobs to get them started.

In this guide, there’s something for everyone. Happy shopping and let me know what you think!

Workout Clothes

You can’t have enough in my eyes! This can range from tops, to shorts, leggings, running jackets, hiking jackets, sports bras, base layers etc.

My personal favourites are AYBL (affordable, good quality gym-wear for women and 10% off for students), but other great brands I would opt for (especially when buying for men) are Adidas (30% off for students!!), Nike (10% off), Gymshark (10% off) or even ASOS (10% off). I’ve personally never tried Gymshark or ASOS activewear, but I’ve heard great things about them. Another brand on the more affordable side is H&M: although you might not think of them first, everyone I know who’s bought from them loves them. Personally, they were the first place I ever bought some sort of proper gym-wear, and I still have them to this day in great condition (so around 6ish years!), so I would definitely recommend.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are every gym-nut’s friend and make a great small present for anyone, especially those getting into fitness recently. From light to extra-extra heavy, there’s a band for everyone’s level. I personally don’t have any (half the reason I’m including it in this gift guide), but have personally heard great things about Shreddy. Otherwise, there are plenty on Amazon at ranging prices (be careful not to get the super cheap ones that do nothing though!)


(No, not the shoe.) Gym sliders or core sliders, however you like to call them, are another good present to give this year. This would be great for those who love going to the gym or doing home workouts in particular. Again, you can find sliders in quite a few places at different prices: Amazon, Decathlon and even Urban Outfitters!


If you have a bit more money to spend and you know someone who’s trainers have seen a better day, this would be a great gift this Christmas. I would do research beforehand though if you don’t already know and see what shape/style/brand of trainers is the best for the sport or activity they engage with the most (tennis, track and field etc). The brands I’d recommend from personal experience would have to be Nike, Asics (my pair has lasted me 10 years and counting! also has 10% off for students) and Adidas, but there are so many brands available on the market. If you want to save or penny or two, maybe check shops like Sports Direct that have the basic styles for a great price!

Exercise Mats

Perfect for your home-workout, yoga or pilates friend. These are also quite easy to find: previous ones I have bought came from TKMaxx and Sports Direct. Specific brands I have heard great things about are Sweaty Betty (20% student discount), USA Pro (one of my ones) and Popflex Active.

If you have any recommendations of brands and/or products, let me know in the comments below x

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