My Friends Chose My Outfits

After majorly lacking any sort of outfit inspiration, I found myself leaning towards the same items over and over again. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with that (I literally wear jumpers from 5 years ago still), I wanted to find new ways to mix it up, whilst including any new purchases.

This is where my friends come in: I love how individual their style is, and how much they love fashion. So I set a challenge for them to pick out an outfit they’d love to see me wear and they were more than generous with their responses (there might be a part 2 or even 3 to this!). For this post, I styled 3 of the outfits they chose. I also did this challenge without purchasing any other items. This is what I thought of them, how easy they were to replicate and if the style suited me.

Outfit 1

The outfit inspo
The attempt

I’d never put this combo together before! For this, I used a cream faux fur Zara jacket I bought around 2 years ago, a pair of black suit-style flares from Next and my trusty Nike Air Force 1’s. I did change the top to a black turtleneck bodysuit from Nasty Gal as one, I didn’t have a white crop top exactly like that and two, it was freezing! I definitely needed something a bit warmer so I wouldn’t catch a cold (which ironically, I did only a few days later).

I think this style suited me personally, and my friend loved the outfit on me – I sometimes think flared trousers can make me look shorter or stumpier, but there’s a special place in my heart for flares (I now own three pairs) and I didn’t feel that way with these. I found this fairly easy to replicate, as the colours were quite neutral and the pieces are things you can easily pair with a lot of other clothes, so great items to have.

I would definitely wear this again, and I think they would look great with jean flares, or even if the key items were in different colours! Definite staples for the wardrobe.

Outfit 2

The outfit inspo
The attempt

I wish I got better photos of this!

This outfit was a bit different for me – I had all the items pretty much down to a tee, but had never paired them together before. For this, I used an oversized black blazer I got this year at H&M (Sandra Mansour collaboration piece), a grey Nike hoodie, black seamless leggings from Aybl and Nike Air Force 1’s, paired with my dad’s long socks.

I’d never worn long socks over leggings before, but I felt like a proper street-style influencer when I wore them! I just felt really trendy and cool (I sound so old right now) and it pushed me slightly out of my comfort zone, without being way too much.

I got a couple of compliments wearing this! It was a great, sporty look which was again easy to replicate. Most of these items are pretty laid back and comfortable – you just need to style it and put a blazer on top! I think it did suit me, and I love the fact these are all staple items in neutral colours. I would definitely wear this again.

Outfit 3

The outfit inspo
The attempt

Although this looks simple, I didn’t have any sort of jumper like this! I don’t own any jumpers this colour or with logos/fabric writing down the arms. That’s where my mum helped out – we went rummaging through my dad’s old jumpers and found this classic, pretty trendy oversized jumper (which is now in my wardrobe). It’s this charcoal grey jumper with yellow stitching at the front making a logo. To complete the outfit, I paired it with my Topshop Premium Mom Jeans and these Primark Van lookalikes.

I’m really happy with how this turned out! My friend loved it too, which was a bonus. I wouldn’t normally pair a jumper this big with my mom jeans, as I’m afraid of losing some sort of shape to my body and looking too boxy, but it wasn’t awful! I paired this with an oversized denim jacket too to complete this grungy yet stylish oversized look. Just to top it off, it was comfy too!

Whilst I’m still afraid of looking too boxy again with oversized on oversized, I might consider pairing this items together again. It’s also quite easy to replicate with other jumpers, especially any knit jumpers (which I have a lot of).

And those are the ones I tried this week! I still have a lot to get through, so next week may be a part 2, but I can’t wait to try more and push myself out of my comfort zone. This is a really fun challenge and great to get yourself out of that outfit rut. Let me know if you enjoyed this and if you give it a try, tell me how you got on!

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