A Night At Swingers Crazy Golf – Oxford Circus, London

If you’re looking for an activity-based date night or a fun night out with friends, Swingers is the place to go.

My friends and I were looking for something fun to do one evening and crazy golf nights are one of our favourite things to do. We had been to Swingers, The City, which was really fun, but one of our friends had tried the Oxford Circus location (Swingers, West End) and we decided to give it a go. Despite the company having two locations in London, the styles are both very different: The City location is tucked away just behind the Gherkin, where the interior is similar to a classy clubhouse, whilst the West End location has a dimly lit, 1920’s sophisticated bar vibe to it.

The West End was definitely a nice surprise and is perhaps my favourite of the two. Although the courses are slightly similar, the style of the West End location was just so fun and upmarket, from the rose-decorated canopy booths, to the old-fashioned bar. Each location has two, 9-hole courses, starting at £13pp for one course, which are super fun and challenging (yes, I lost but we won’t speak of that anymore). We already ate prior, but were going to opt for the package that included one course and two premium drinks for £26, but I’m personally more of a cocktail girl and cocktails aren’t included, but this would be a great option for lovers of wines, beers etc.

What really made me love that night was the after-golf activities, funnily enough. The bar is amazing! I would come here just for drinks and food, especially if I was on a date – the place was packed with couples and I’m not surprised. We managed to snag one of the gorgeous booths which were decorated with fake vines and flowers scaling the canopy and white tables with a lace design to them.

Their selection of cocktails is quite large, which was a great surprise. I opted for ‘put the lime in the coconut’, which had this fresh, fruity, holiday-esque taste, followed by the complete opposite, but my favourite, an Espresso Martini. A couple of my friends’ drinks included the ‘one armed bandit’ and ‘the Italian job’, which they enjoyed too.

I was over the moon to discover that one of the four food options that they have was Patty&Bun, one of the places I’d discovered on my most recent trip to Brighton (and now one of my favourite burger places ever). Despite having eaten already, we were getting peckish towards the end of the night and it’s just a tradition for us to grab something to eat when we’re out, so we opted for Patty&Bun’s chips with rosemary salt and Breddos’ masa fried chicken tenders. My order was the chips, and it comes in a very decently sized portion, which is always great to see. I tried a bit of the chicken and it was insanely tasty, so that was a nice surprise too.

All in all, this has to be one of my favourite places to play crazy golf in London. It’s in a great, bustling location with transport nearby; it’s not overpriced; the courses are fun; the staff were really friendly and helpful and the food and drink is good. Again, I’d come here just for food and drink anytime and I honestly can’t wait to come back.


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