Designed To Inspire: Why Your Social Media Should Be Filled With Motivation Everyday

I’ve suddenly been hit with a flurry of inspiration. You know that little bubble of energy that suddenly builds inside you after seeing or hearing something that gives you the urge to do more? That hit me recently and I finally know what inspires me.

The answer? Social media. I enjoy being on Instagram and scrolling through my feed (although you shouldn’t do it constantly!). I enjoy looking at other people’s successful ventures and what new content they’ve created or are coming out with soon. This is what gets me motivated.

If I’m honest, I only discovered yesterday that a healthy social media feed is a really good source of inspiration. I was looking at feeds from people I know that are going out and just doing their own thing, or people I don’t know reaching out to brands or are maybe in the same position as me. I love watching people thrive and pursue new things, as it inspires me to do more and find my creative spirit.

This is why I think that social media may be one of the best ways to gather inspiration – it’s designed to inspire.

It’s designed to fill our feed with content that speaks to us: content that aligns with our interests and hobbies, content that we’ve maybe never seen before, or even content that connects us together. Sure, the social media space isn’t perfect. It’s ridden with negativity from people that have nothing better to do, and people with pure evil in their hearts to go and spread hate onto people’s personal spaces. But there are also ways to stop yourself from seeing these things: blocking certain words from your page, blocking pages from your explore section or even the simple, yet effective, unfollow button.

I’ve been actively trying to follow pages that excite me, or create content similar to what I want to do. One thing I even tried doing yesterday was going through my favourite Instagram pages ‘following’ list to see if there were any other pages that I liked (I was specifically looking for those in the blogging field personally). Although I only looked for about 5-10 minutes, I found feeds that align with what I want to become and stay creative in what I do. I found concepts that I could try myself that could maybe help develop my page further.

However, inspiration isn’t just something you see on social media and suddenly everything clicks. What I found is that it just gave me the energy to explore my own ideas further and gave me new ideas. The real inspiration comes from within (as cheesy as it sounds): you need to find it within yourself to come up with the ideas that suit you and what you’re about and make it work. You need to be the one to actually start. Whether it’s by brainstorming, or trying a new venture, or even by planning your next essay or work plan, you need to use the inspiration gained and put it into action. No one else can do it but you.

For me? It’s simply by starting to write. Noting down every blog post idea that comes to mind. Playing with the idea of reels and videos for my Instagram page. Maybe trying a new type of content. I need to make it work for me: gain the inspiration by filling my feed with enjoyable, thought-provoking content, then actually start on it.

If you have 20, 10 or even 5 minutes today, clear out the pages that don’t excite you anymore on your social media, or try exploring some new content. You may stumble across something you never expected to find that may change the way you think just for a moment. It’s onwards and upwards from here.

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