5 Ways To Scrapbook Your Pictures

I love taking pictures. To me, taking pictures is one of the best ways of making your most special memories tangible. That’s why I started scrapbooking.

I started a while back, after I got my pictures printed from trips and holidays I had taken a few years back, decorating them how I liked and it was so fun. Looking back on it now, having a scrapbook full of your pictures and memorabilia, like old tickets from different things you went to on the trips, just adds that extra creativity and fun to your memories.

At the beginning of this year, I printed another couple years’ worth of photos and an empty scrapbook. Although I just started scrapbooking again, I thought I’d share some of my current favourite scrapbooking ideas for anyone wanting to start their own.

(For reference, I used 6×4 photos in these pictures)

1. Use different materials on your page

Using different materials will give the page a little extra ‘oomph’. Depending on the theme of your pictures, you can use scraps from around your house, for example, I used old newspapers and used it for headers and doodles. I felt it really went with the aesthetic of the page I was trying to create. You can even use tickets from things you went to see and do little doodles on them, or use them like the scraps for layering underneath pictures.

2. Lay your pictures out differently on each page

Don’t make every layout the same: take the time to think about which pictures look good together and what position you want them all in. I used some side by side, some further up on the page and the one next to it further down etc. You can even have some layering on your pictures, just make sure, if you’re using glue, to not glue where the picture is going to go on top of the other! You don’t want to ruin the picture underneath, so just add some more glue than usual on the parts sticking to the paper to make sure the picture doesn’t unstick.

3. Make your own drawings to stick in next to your pictures

If you love drawing like me, this is going to be fun for you. I used to draw on these small bits of paper and had nowhere to put them, before deciding they would look great in my scrapbook. This works best with smaller pictures, if you want to layer, or if you have an odd amount of pictures per event/memory. Especially because my scrapbook has black paper instead of white, the drawings on the white paper added a really interesting contrast.

4. Use Polaroids if you have them

I’d never scrapbooked Polaroids before, but this was so fun to do! It adds a really cool effect to the scrapbook, again with the paper being black and the photo border being white. Because they’re so small, you have more options to lay out your photos, so you can really take your time to play around with ideas. Polaroid pages are a great place to add layers of different drawings or materials too. These pages for me are probably the most aesthetically pleasing.

5. Title pages

Title pages are a great way to introduce a new section of your scrapbook. I started this scrapbook off with pictures from my birthday, in which I dedicated my first page to writing out ‘20th birthday’ in floral lettering (which I done a blog post on here). If using a black paged scrapbook and want to write or doodle on the pages, I would recommend getting a white liquid pen rather than using pencil as it comes out clearer.

I have also done title pages with pictures on them (which you can see with the ‘Amsterdam’ picture above where I used a newspaper cut-out), but I try to keep the pictures to a minimum, unless they’re small pictures. Title pages are your time to really get creative: you can make collages, do individual letter cut-outs, do borders around your pictures (which you can do on any of your pages). Just have fun!

If you’re scrapbooking for the first time, or are just looking for more inspiration, just remember to enjoy the process and not focus so much on getting it perfect. Looking back on the scrapbook I done a few years back, I wouldn’t necessarily design my scrapbook that way now, but I still love the way I did it – I remember having fun doing it, and it reflects how I got creative back then.

If you want to see more ideas, or have any ideas of your own, drop a comment below!

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