Living Off-Campus: Tips, Tricks and What I Would Do Differently | Monica Giuliani

I just wrote a blog post for my university’s off-campus blog! It’s filled with things I did to involve myself whilst being off-campus and what I would do differently. Go check it out now 🙂

Roey's Off-Campus Students Network

Going into my third and final year of university in September, this will also be my third year living off-campus. Living 20-30 minutes away from Roehampton meant it was a no-brainer for me in the beginning: I have a good home relationship with my parents and it’s financially a good option. Going into my third year, it’s still a good option for me, even though the question of moving out did pop into my head, as I’m sure it will most off-campus students in their university life.

I always knew I wanted to stay close to home when choosing universities, so being off-campus was what I always wanted to do. London is a great place to be in, filled with endless opportunities and loads of fun things to do and explore. However I didn’t pick Roehampton until the very last day that you could accept your university choices on UCAS…

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