Where To Eat In Brighton: Reviews And Top Dishes

I just came back from a 3 night stay in Brighton (which was really lovely!) and so I tried a range of different restaurants and café’s whilst I was there. We didn’t go to many of the typically listed restaurants (such as The Salt Room and Isaac At, which appear on most ‘top 10’ lists) as we picked most of our choices from either walking around or google maps (for the distance to our hotel). This list does include restaurants that offer the Eat Out To Help Out (EOTHO) scheme (available this month only as of the time of writing this). Here are my reviews of the restaurants we went too, ordered by what meal we went there for.


Sugardough Bread & Cake

Love this place! A small, busy café with a cute design, located just next to The Lanes (if not, inside). We ended up going here twice: the first time, I grabbed a latte and a plain croissant, which came with jam (I think it was apple jam?). The croissant was amazing and filled me up for a while. The staff were really friendly and upbeat, even in the early hours of opening. The second time we came, we got the ‘French toast’, which was an ‘eggy croissant’ dressed in maple syrup and fruit (the first picture of this blog under the title). Let me tell you, this was a real treat. My boyfriend had got that the first time, but it came with dark fruit. When I got it, it came with nectarines and it was honestly delicious and something I want to recreate at home. The second time we came, we came on a Friday, so there was no EOTHO discount, but the first time, there was. I believe the French toast was £10 without the discount, so a little pricier for breakfast, but it was without fault. They do GF options as well as vegetarian and vegan options. This will definitely be an option to come back to if I return to Brighton.

Croissant with jam and a latte

French Toast with dark fruit – taken by my boyfriend


Lost In The Lanes

Nearby to Sugardough is Lost In The Lanes. This seems to be quite a busy, aesthetic café, as we went once and it was full for a while so we went to Suagrdough, but we came back at 11:30 and had to wait around 5-10 minutes. I picked up the granola option, which for me personally was okay, but I probably wouldn’t pick it up again as it wasn’t to my personal taste (I’m not a big fan of certain nuts and it had quite a few of the nuts I didn’t like, although I’m aware most granolas are like this. It also had these drops of (possibly) lemon flavouring which I thought were a bit sharp in taste, but other than that, it was quite nice). My boyfriend picked up the sausage sandwich which looked really nice, especially because I love sourdough bread and that’s what it was served in. Looking around, the Lost breakfasts (in the veggie and non-veggie options) seemed to be extremely popular and looked delicious, so I would recommend that, and I would probably order that if I came back again. The staff seemed to be friendly but quite chilled in that they sort of just pondered about at points not doing much and we were left waiting for a while for the clear up, but other than that, they were lovely. Lost has veggie, vegan and GF options, and offers the EOTHO discount.


Jojo’s Gelato

We fancied some ice cream on our trip, and Jojo’s was nearby to our hotel and the beach. We both loved the interior of the place as it had quite a ‘retro diner’ feel to it. It was very reasonably priced, and also offered the EOTHO discount. As I was quite full from breakfast, I didn’t get the cookie dough, although it looked delicious. I ordered 4 scoops of ice cream in the flavours strawberry, milk chocolate, Ferrero Rocher and Biscoff (which wasn’t actually on the menu, but was kindly suggested to me by one of the waiters as they ran out of cookie). My boyfriend ordered the ‘Ferrero Rocher’ waffle, which looked like quite the treat. My ice cream was nice, but I could barely finish it because of being full, which was a shame. I have no complaints other than one of the waitresses forgetting that we asked for our bill and when we asked again, it seemed like she didn’t remember that we even asked. Would recommend for a quick treat.

My 4 scoop ice cream

Ferrero Rocher waffle



In the same square as Sugardough is the Italian restaurant, Donatello. I had been here before my recent trip and loved it – they do great pizza. This is a very popular restaurant, so I would recommend booking before if you can as it’s often full. I’m unsure if they offer the EOTHO discount, as we went on a Thursday. With vegetarian, vegan and GF options, there’s something for everyone. I ordered the calamari starter, which was really nice (however, I do believe they were frozen, but I’m not 100% sure), especially the ‘dip’ that came with them, which was really refreshing with the calamari. I then ordered the ‘Amatriciana’ pasta, which was also nice, but I would say the sauce was a bit too bitter for me (but that could be my Italian pickiness, as my boyfriend tasted a bit and liked it). He opted for the ‘Leonardo’ pizza, which looked delicious and he really enjoyed it. From previous experience, the ‘Margherita’ and the ‘American Hot’ pizzas are also great. I also opted for an espresso martini after our meal, which was really well made (I have had the Aperol Spritz before, and it was nice but there was a lot of soda water, ever so slightly diluting the Aperol, but that’s me being super picky – it was still really nice). The staff are really friendly and I would definitely recommend this place to anyone – it’s one of my first options if I return again.

Calamari starter

Amatriciana pasta (I spilt the cheese)

Leonardo pizza


In sight of Sugardough is Polo, another Italian restaurant. I’m unsure if they’re vegetarian, vegan or GF options, and they don’t offer the EOTHO discount, but is not terribly priced. I had the ‘Margherita’ pizza and my boyfriend had a pizza topped with rocket salad and parmesan shavings. We both enjoyed our pizzas and there was nothing particularly wrong with them, although I would say that I personally preferred Donatello, but Polo is still a good option. Apart from the waiter serving us not really looking like he wanted to be there too much, it was a good dinner time treat.

Both pizzas


Honestly I pretty much loved everything about this place. Again, this place is always booked up with queues outside, so I would recommend booking beforehand. We booked before and got shown to a table and it was immediately obvious they took their social distancing seriously: tables were spread apart and the longer tables had tape to mark off the distance of where people could sit. What was also so creative that I would love to see everywhere implemented in the future is that they used a camera-barcode system for the menu, so there was a barcode that you scanned with the camera on your phone and it led you to the menu, so you didn’t have to constantly touch menus touched by everyone else. The service was really quick and friendly, probably the best we had on our trip (there was this waiter that was extremely kind, making sure we were comfortable with social distancing measures and kept a smile on his face, although the restaurant was packed AND he seemed to be working in the kitchen at some points too!). Patty&Bun has vegetarian, vegan and GF options and offers the EOTHO discount. I never normally order beef burgers, but I decided to try it, and honestly it was one of the best I’d ever tried (next to the Hard Rock Café beef burger I tried in Amsterdam). I opted for the ‘Smokey Robinson’ and although messy (no cutlery either!), it was so so delicious. My boyfriend had the ‘Hot Chic’ burger and enjoyed it too. We both had the hand cut chips with rosemary salt, which was great in portion size and really tasty. Can’t recommend this place highly enough and will be sure to go to the London ones at some point. (Admittedly, I didn’t get a picture because I was so hungry I forgot to.)

Smokey Robinson

Hope you enjoy your next trip to Brighton and be sure to check out these places! If you have any of your own Brighton recommendations, comment below!

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