Why I’m Choosing To Invest In Memories

The picture you see above was taken last year in Greece on one of me and my friend’s last dinners. The sky was radiating all these beautiful pinky-blue tones – the pictures could never do it justice. Just sitting on a terrace with stone archways overlooking this view was so stunning, and it’s a trip I’ll never forget.

In this day and age, it’s easy to value things over experiences. It’s all about what you own, what brands you have, what you look like in the eyes of others. I’ve always valued experiences, but I’m writing this to share why I’ve chosen to invest my spare time, money and energy into making memories going forward versus buying tangible items.

I read something not too long ago saying that you’ll never regret investing in memories over things. I couldn’t agree more – things come and go, but memories are forever. I value memories so much for multiple reasons: think about growing older and not taking all the opportunities to travel, do new things or simply go out because you ‘didn’t feel like it’, or you just bought a neon pink designer top that was going to go out of style the following summer season.

Think about how much more cultured you become as a person if you widen your horizons to see new places and experience new people. You’ll have a new understanding of the world as you explore.

Think of all the stories you can tell about all the incredible things you’ve experienced, or the funny stories you can look back on and laugh about with people you made the memories with.

Think about how strong your connections with people become when you take the time to spend with them and bond further.

I’m not always the person to be up for everything, but lockdown has made me realise how much I want to go out and take every opportunity I can with open arms. Sure, it’s ok to say no, but for me (someone who has said no a lot), I think it’s about saying yes more. I want to invest my time and energy in memories more, and I think I’m starting to already.

On the money front, I’ve never cared a huge amount about materialistic things. Sure, some things are nice to have and I’m not going to say that I don’t crave some things every so often like clothes or new technology. I’m not a big fan of branded items either if it’s just for the sake of saying that something is branded. If I buy something, it’s because it’s good quality and I like it. That aside, as much as I give in to indulgences because something ‘looks nice’, I’ve decided I’m going to ease up on my spending on this front, and put spare money towards making memories, like going on a trip or going out for dinner somewhere nice.

Making memories has always been important, but I think this period of not being able to do the things that we used to has really put into perspective how much I could do. Whenever I can and with whatever I have spare (I believe in saving too!), I’m going to make it a priority to invest in memories.

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