Beneficial Habits I’ve Picked Up During Lockdown

Lockdown has allowed us to have more time for ourselves and has left us wondering what to do with our time (unless you’re an essential worker, and if that’s the case, thanks for your hard work!). Whether you think this free time is a good or bad thing, I’m sure most of us can agree we have been doing things differently in one way or the other, or have tried and tested things you maybe haven’t done before for the sake of not being bored.

I’ve noticed that I have picked up a few things whilst we had to quarantine, and whilst some were bad habits (I finally discovered the online shopping world and I ordered way too much), I picked up a few habits that I would hopefully like to continue when everything starts settling back to normal.

It really is the small things that can make a difference to your day, so here are the habits I’ve picked up that have made my days so much better.


This one has to be a given. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll more often than not see me on my stories attempting to keep a consistent workout routine and posting what I do every time I work out. I’ve always been on again off again with exercise, but for some reason, this period of quarantine has really allowed me to be focused on it and actually learn to enjoy working out. I’ve felt worlds better and the state of my body (all the aches and pains I used to constantly have) are definitely less frequent. I also find it so satisfying to reach my goals and one up them slowly, achieving personal bests as I go along. My goal is to keep this going, fitting in some sort of exercise, whether it be short or not.

Not checking my phone as soon as I wake up

Admittedly, I only started doing this recently after reading someone’s beneficial tips/morning routine Instagram post. I realised for a while that when I would wake up and go straight on my phone for a bit, I would more often than not get pounding, temporary headaches. I stopped doing that over the past week, instead either doing something ‘productive’ before like simply walking downstairs and making some coffee before checking my phone, or even picking up a book instead, and the headaches have definitely gone. I really want to keep this habit up looking onwards – it keeps my head clear and ready for the day ahead.

Appreciating my local area

This period of time has really allowed me to walk around my local area and really take in the beauty of it all. I’m lucky to live in an area with lots of greenery and not too much noise, so I spent the first part of lockdown walking around quite often and just taking the time to appreciate the peacefulness and the nature I have around me. As time went on, I decided to drive out a bit further (still fairly local) and appreciate more of the local parks and the wider area around me. It just makes me feel lucky to live where I do and really discover what’s around me (also, be sure to support your local businesses!)

Daily journaling

When I was struggling with my mental health, I turned to journaling. I was recommended to do this daily and I used it to work through my thoughts. It eventually became habit until I was in a great place and it became a ‘once every so often’ thing. I recently decided to pick that up to a daily habit, more for the purpose of writing down all my memories and being able to look back and see how I thought then. However, I find it great to clear my mind and be able to put things into perspective, so I would like to continue making this a regular part of my life.

Discovering new recipes

I’m by no means a cook, but this has been the perfect time to try out new things! I’ve tried out new cookie recipes, pancake recipes, banana bread recipes (were you even on lockdown if you didn’t make banana bread at least once?) and learnt a couple of the ‘home favourite’ recipes for myself! It’s fun to experiment and it’s so fulfilling when you make something that turns out so nice, especially when it’s different to everything else you eat.

Finding a new hobby

Mine has been blogging! As per my last post, it has been something I wanted to do for a while, and I started this blog just before lockdown, meaning that this free time I experienced during lockdown allowed me to really get into it. I also rediscovered my love for drawing and have been drawing in notepads and for my scrapbook full of photos I printed. Blogging and drawing has really made me a lot happier and made me proud of what I have achieved. I know when ‘the real world’ kicks in, I might have less time for these things, but I really hope this is something I can continue, even if they’re less frequent.

I would love to know what you have picked up during lockdown (good or bad!) or if you’re going to try any of these tips. Let me know in the comments/via Instagram!

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