Why I Started Blogging

I get this question a lot now from friends and people I know. Why did I start blogging?

I’ve always loved writing and I’ve always been creative. Funnily enough, I was sorting through some of my old school books and found teacher reports from when I was in nursery and onwards, and my teachers would always comment on my love for writing, drawing and my natural creativeness, so I guess this has always been ingrained in me. I loved reading too – I was a real bookworm growing up and I love getting really involved in a book, even if I don’t read as much as I used to. I think that writing and language is such a powerful tool, hence why I went on to study English language and linguistics at university. I’m a quick writer and find that I’m at peace when I get into the swing of things. I start writing and everything makes sense.

Blogging for me is a way to get my writing out there for people to enjoy. Technology has changed so much in the past few decades, with platforms drifting in and out with the trends, blogging almost seems permanent: it’s a website, and in my opinion, websites don’t seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon. Sure, you may argue that blogging is drifting out of interest, but think about something: you google recipes, information about a certain topic and so on, and most of the time, you will get a selection of blogs that come up with your answers alongside the Wikipedia pages and the news outlets. It just seems like the best way for me to write about content I like in a slightly less formal way for my own enjoyment, and in hopes that other people enjoy it and maybe even learn from it.

The reality is that I wanted to start a blog from around the middle of secondary school. I had just started reading blogs like Inthefrow and thought “why can’t I have a similar outlet?”, but really, my confidence was not at the place it was now and I was too scared of other people’s opinions. I did make the blog though, but I never got past one post and deleted the blog within a few days.

I created this blog in August of last year, but wrote my first blog post in January 2020. I guess you could call it a New Year’s resolution? To put myself out there and really give it a go. I struggled with a concept for ages, which is why I think it took me so long. I was thinking about things like “do I go under my own name or come up with a generic name?”, “do I write about one topic and get a more streamlined audience or mix up my topics?”, “how do I design my blog page?”

I think the topics question really made me think for a while. I have so many different interests and I wanted to write about them all. I want to write about food, new adventures, travel, skincare, my thoughts, wellness, my new attention to fitness, fashion, photography etc. I then decided that this was going to become a hobby and that this is mainly for me, and if I get the extra readers, then great! So I write about what I like. I designed my page as I liked. I went under my name, because it’s my work.

I was definitely scared to put myself out there. I was still scared 25 posts in! I’m still a little nervous now. But then I had people reach out: friends, people I hadn’t spoken to in a while, saying that they loved it. It wasn’t many, but it was enough to make me realise I should be proud of what I’m doing. And yes, the reality is, people will talk. People might judge. But am I going to let that hold me back for the rest of my life? Stop me from doing what I want to do? As long as I’m happy with what I’m doing, I’m just going to have to forget about these people (easier said than done) and realise that there’s probably more people rooting for it than there are against it.

I think the big lesson here is, as cheesy as it sounds, is not to let anyone or any opinion stand in the way of doing what you dream of doing. Don’t live your life with regrets and “what if’s”. If you want to start a Youtube channel? Do it! A blog? Go for it! If you want to do something no one else you know is doing? Do it! Want to start that business? Give it a go! I chose blogging because it fits me as a person: it’s what I love to do. It’s hard work, but it’s a hobby with the sky as the limit for where it can go, and I love it. I can go anywhere with this blog: it may lead to a possible career path (an absolute dream of mine), but I’m okay with it being a hobby for now. Will this lead to other platforms too? Who knows? I love visual content too, so I’m dipping my toes into that now, starting with my recent IGTV from my Brighton trip.

Whatever you do, do it with passion and love.

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