Mayfield Lavender Farm: Everything You Need To Know For Your Next Instagram-Worthy Visit, Just Outside of London

Last weekend, a friend and I were thinking of things to do that was different and not too far, when she stumbled across Mayfield Lavender Farm. Only half an hour to an hour away from London, Mayfield Lavender Farm is a huge family-run lavender field in Banstead, available for visitors in to walk around in, take pictures, stop by the cafe and even buy some home-grown lavender of their own!

What caught my eye is obviously how beautiful it looked in the pictures, and it did not disappoint. It’s 25 acres of blossoming lavenders that honestly just looks endless from the bottom – how much more picture-worthy can you get? It was evident that I wasn’t the only one keen to take photos either, with nearly every visitor snapping pictures on their phone or cameras. It’s no shock that photographers also flock in to snap photos either (although you do need to register beforehand if you do want to take commercial photography).

Getting There

We went on a Saturday, which ended up being very busy, so I would recommend getting there early, or even coming on a weekday. They have a car park with free parking next to the fields, but again, it does get busy quite quickly so I would come earlier. They do have a second car park up the road, but I believe you have to pay for that car park. Otherwise, you can take public transport from London Victoria (if travelling from central London).

Once you get there, if walking in, you may have to queue for a ticket in, otherwise if you park inside the fields, they take your payment as you’re driving in (card only at the moment). The entry ticket is £4 or free for children under 16.

Once You Get There

You’re pretty much free to roam around, chill and take as many pictures as you like! It’s a nice little walk to take to go up and down, and the smell is incredible! We kept commenting how we could’ve gone to sleep surrounded by all of the lavenders. If you’re shy to take photos – don’t be! Literally every family, couple and even solo visitors were taking photos! We saw this one girl who came alone and bought the whole setup – tripod, camera, the handheld button for the camera timer – all to take pictures of herself in the field. If she can go all out for the photos, so can you! For those keen photographers, they even have little unique ‘structures’ dotted around the field to take pictures by, like a red telephone box.


We spent a bit of time at the shop/cafe too. They also have a few picnic benches under the shade of a gazebo to enjoy anything you eat or drink there. We stopped by one of the food trucks to get some food and drinks, and funnily enough, most of the menu incorporated lavender! I got myself a lemon and lavender drizzle cake (which was more like a lemon and lavender muffin in all honesty) and it was the first time I’ve tried lavender in something. So if you’re a curious foodie, why not give it a go?

I also found out, when I got some apple juice, that Mayfield Lavender also own an apple orchard, so the apple juice is also grown and produced there too. They have a range of drinks and cakes (including a GF carrot cake option, which was unfortunately sold out when we went) along with a cafe, so this compensates for the fact they don’t allow picnics due to discarded rubbish left in the fields.

COVID-19 Precautions

Unfortunately, there’s not many. There’s quite a lack of social distancing and not many hand sanitizing stations around, so bring a mask and your own hand sanitizer if you go.


It’s beautiful! I’m glad I went. It’s stunning and I didn’t realise that we had something like this so close to London (I honestly thought the closest lavender field was in Kent). The best time to come, considering the peak time for the bloom of the lavenders, would be late July to early August, but as you can imagine, it would be pretty busy.

It was nice to just do something different for a change and it was very much up my alley – flowers, photography and a sunny day. I would recommend going at least once, however I would be cautious of the social distancing/coronavirus measures if you go. Other than that, embrace your inner photographer and have a nice day out!

For more information, visit the FAQ’s on their website or DM me if I can help with anything!

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