How I Take My Flower Pictures (Only Using IPhone!)

I love taking pictures. From the minute I had anything that could take a photo in my hands, I wanted to take pictures of everything: friends, family, my surroundings. What people don’t know is that my current Instagram was originally set up as a place to picture dump and show off my scenic photography. Obviously now it’s that and a bit more, but the passion still remains – I love taking pictures.

Perhaps the things I take the most pictures of are flowers. I always played around with the idea of investing in a proper camera until I realised that I was getting the shots I wanted with just my IPhone. I can imagine the shots would be on a different level, but I’m a big believer in not absolutely needing the pro cameras in order to get a good shot.

Here are my tips for getting my best flower shots by using your phone:

1. Play around with your angles

Move your phone around in different angles and see which angle works best for that flower. It will probably always be different, but patterns I’ve found are that for taller flowers particularly (lavenders etc.), a side, front-facing angle is best (this isn’t limited to talk flowers though!). Angles I find that work well in general are midway between above the flower and the side, front-facing angle and an above angle. Move around and see which angle works best for how the flower is positioned – keep tapping away in the process!

A side, front-facing angle
Midway between above the flower and the side

2. Focus your photos

My best-looking photos are those in which I really focus them because they appear to be better quality. I do this by tapping on the screen on the area I want focused to where the yellow box comes up. The yellow box focuses in on that area. If the background is over-exposed, tap on the background to even it out. This might take focus off of the flower slightly, but the picture will appear better.

3. To bring out the colour of the flower, take photos on a cloudy day/in limited sunlight

I read this once on Instagram and didn’t quite realise how true it was until I looked back on previous photos. The vibrancy of the colour comes out a lot more on a cloudier day and brings more attention on the flower. This pink rose was shot after some rain had passed on an IPhone 5C back in 2016 with no editing.

4. If you are shooting in sunlight, try avoiding any half-shadowing

What I mean by half-shadowing is half a shadow coming out on top of the petals, or an outline of your phone or your head on the petals. Try shooting above or to the side. These pictures below were shot on an IPhone 5C, again with no editing.

5. Keep it natural

Don’t over edit!!! I try not to edit at all if I’m honest – I never started editing my photos until the past month, but I keep it as natural as possible, really only adjusting the lighting and occasionally the vibrancy and temperature to bring out the colour that the camera couldn’t catch. I started out honestly using the apple editing feature on your camera roll and sometimes even Instagram editing (mostly the ‘lux’ feature), but now I use Lightroom, but I don’t use it much.

An example of an edited photo

6. Practice, practice, practice!

I’m constantly taking pictures. I take pictures because I’m just obsessed with the beauty of nature around me. I’ll stop and take a picture of the slowly blossoming flowers growing by a fence near the pavement. I’ll take a picture of a tiny flower in a grassy field. I’ll take pictures in my garden. I’ll take pictures in forests and parks and reserves. Because I love it. Keep taking pictures of anything you find the beauty in, because you may see something that people may have not stopped to look at themselves. Take pictures and test the lighting and angles to improve your photography, and you’ll get the best shots.

Test out these tips and send me your flower shots/let me know how you got on!

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