Things To Do In London: Richmond Boat Hire

Just outside of the busy centre, you can take a wooden boat out for the day! Sure, boat hires are scattered all along the Thames, but the ones nearer to central London will often be more busy. The Richmond area offers peaceful scenery with beautiful houses and restaurants, with unique boats scattering the edges of the river.

A friend recommended this to me the other day and we went together, and it’s just such a great idea for a different day out. We took the Richmond Rowing Boat Hire (just next to Bridge Street), which offers £8 per hour per adult or £20 per adult for an entire day, with children and nursing staff getting half price, which makes for a not too expensive day either!

We went on a cloudy day and to my surprise, there was still quite a few people renting out the boats, so imagine on a sunny, hot day! It’s a great experience and a laugh especially if you haven’t rowed before! It was just so calm and enjoyable, even though we only went for an hour. We’ll plan to go for a couple hours next time when the weather’s nicer (but check ahead/call on the day, as boats will be let out on certain times depending on the tide!)

The area around the boat hire is filled with pubs, restaurants and shops, so we grabbed a drink at the Slug and Lettuce (a minutes walk away) and chilled on a small hill that looks out onto the river. So, if you want to make a day out of this, there’s plenty to do around the area. Also, if rowing isn’t your thing, there’s a paddleboarding rental nearby too!

So, if you’re looking for something new and fun to do in London, check out the Richmond boat hire! It’s not too expensive and it would be a great idea to do with friends or as a date idea! (If you’re worried about coronavirus, the boats are cleaned after each use.)

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