I Tried A Chloe Ting Workout: The 2 Week Shred Challenge

After hearing all the hype about Chloe Ting, I decided to give in and finally give it a try!

I think it’s important to make it clear that my intention with this workout wasn’t actually to lose weight, even though that’s what is advertised for the workout: I don’t really weigh myself and I don’t care too much about it, as I think that you can be heavier than you were before but due to an increased muscle mass, which is a good thing in my opinion.

I picked the 2 Week Shred because I wanted to involve more cardio into my workouts: I have asthma so inputting cardio into my workouts will (hopefully) improve my lung capacity, and just make me fitter in general. This workout is a full body cardio workout, so I thought this would be perfect to try.

The workout itself has moves I’ve never tried, but all of them seem doable – they’ll challenge me but not shatter me to pieces, like some workouts do. The workout also comes with a low impact version, so if the jumping isn’t for you, the alternative option is there.

When it comes to these challenges, I also think it’s important not to just stop after the 1, 2, 3 or however many weeks these challenges may be. Consistency is key, and it’s important not to rely on just this and exhaust yourself completely. Be active and keep some sort of regular exercise pattern if you choose to do these challenges.


I did do the workout over a 2 week period, but for 3 of the days (somewhat in the middle of the 2 weeks), I didn’t do this exercise. For one of the 3 days, I rested (I think it’s important to take a rest day, and I needed it!), but for the other two days I didn’t complete the workout, I had been out on long walks (between 5-7km each walk), so I guess some exercise was done? But just wanted to give full disclosure. I also done the high impact workout for the entire period apart from one day, where I did the low impact.

The Pros

I loved the moves in this workout, and it genuinely made me work out a sweat! The timings really pushed me, as did some of the moves (the plank with bunny hops was an absolute killer!) As I went through the days and first week, I found myself getting better (quicker and stronger) at moves I previously struggled with, such as the bunny hops, burpees, cork screws and plank jacks.

The workout itself felt shorter and shorter as it went on, and you start to mentally prepare yourself for what’s coming next as you start to know the pattern.

As I said, I don’t weigh myself often, but I’m normally around 52kg, and I decided to weigh myself at the end of the workout, and realised I was between 51-51.5kg (let’s call it 51.25kg, if we want to be precise), so I did lose a tiny bit of weight, if that’s your goal. Again, I think this is something you’d have to do consistently (and admittedly, I did have quite a bit of cake between those 2 weeks, so that could have affected it).

The Cons

I started to get bored of the workout after a while – I like to switch up my workouts and look forward to trying something new the day before. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing: if you like repetition, this is a great workout to do, as it has a good mix of cardio based moves that will definitely get you sweating.

Another thing is that I’ve been watching home workouts for a while now, as it’s my favourite form of exercise, and other channels such as Madfit or Whitney Simmons (I discovered both over lockdown) explain the moves as you go along and give you tips and tricks on how to do them, which I didn’t realise was so key until it wasn’t there. For example, for things like squats, something I’ve learnt from Joe Wicks was to put your weight on the back of your heel and not your knees, and it takes so much pressure off of them. Another example is with the lunges (that can also be applied to squats), is to push up through your glutes as well as your heel. Although Chloe does give tips once or twice, especially for a beginner, these tips would be useful to avoid injury or discomfort.


If you’re someone that loves repetition or wants to try a repetitive challenge out, I would give it a go. There are a good mix of moves that will challenge you and get you working, that won’t completely exhaust you till the next day. For me, it was a bit too repetitive and I feel there wasn’t a massive difference in my overall look (but I’ll leave that up to you to decide!)

Some things I found is that pushing myself to go quicker and not linger from tiredness on certain moves such as bunny hops and plank jacks actually helped me to not feel so tired out afterwards, as weird as it sounds. Not giving up and keeping myself moving helped me get stronger and as the days went on, I found myself doing the moves easier.

In terms of getting fitter, I will try to go on a run within the next few days (if you’ve been here a while, you’ll know I’m not a runner!) and see if I feel any physical difference (if I can run for longer, not get a stitch etc) and update my IG stories with the results.

I love the timings of the workout and how it’s divided into 3 sets of 7 exercises. I felt accomplished each day once completing it, and I didn’t have to ‘brace myself’ before every workout session. This is a workout that maybe I’d do every now and again, but it’s not something I’d do every day.

Try the workout for yourself!

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