June Roundup – My Favourite Things This Month

We’re officially halfway through 2020 and it’s time for another monthly roundup! Here’s everything I’ve discovered or loved this month.


AYBL Motion Seamless Cycling Shorts

These cycling shorts are so flattering and hug every curve of your body so nicely! They fit so well, are stretchy and squat proof! I got the colour Sky Blue and they are the most gorgeous shade of blue I’ve seen on a pair of cycling shorts – they come up a tad more vibrant than in the picture, but in my opinion, this make it even better! They’re in the low to medium price range for quality sportswear (only £24.00) and you can get 10% with Student Beans! For reference, I got a size S and it’s a comfortable but snug fit (I’m a size 8, sometimes 10, in bottoms normally).


Pull&Bear Floral Summer Dress

I’ve been looking for the perfect floral ditsy summer dress for ages now that won’t go out of style, and I’ve finally found it! This dress not only was amazing quality (it has a lining too!), but fits incredibly well. I ordered a size S (I’m normally a size 8) and was honestly so impressed by how well it fit – it hugged every curve perfectly and highlighted all my best features. Definitely one of the best fitting dresses I own. (Wearing in the first picture)



One Of Us Is Next by Karen M. McManus

This is the sequel to One Of Us Is Lying, which I read quite a while ago and absolutely loved.  This is a YA novel, which may not be for everyone, but personally I loved YA novels of this kind. One Of Us Is Lying follows a group of students at Bayview High from different social groups getting stuck in detention one day in which one of them dies and they need to figure out who done it. Alongside this, a gossip site is circulating in which everyone’s most personal secrets is being released, so they need to figure out who is behind this too. In One Of Us Is Next, the gossip site is revived but this time, with a game of Truth or Dare, where the truth can get very dark and the dares can be dangerous, and even fatal. It follows the friends and family of the old circle, even bringing back some familiar faces. Both books are filled with plot twists, with the end of this book ending on somewhat of a cliffhanger and a very much unexpected, clever ending.


Oat Pancakes

A healthy alternative to one of my favourite breakfast/brunch/lunch favourites that taste just as good. I love looking for guilt-free options that don’t taste too different from the original thing, and this recipe is just as good. I wrote about it HERE

Taking Time For Yourself

Picnics In The Park

I’ve loved just chilling out with my friends with some picnic food (socially distanced of course) and just enjoying what nature has to offer – I’m lucky enough to have Richmond Park not too far from me and have discovered new areas of the park since I’ve been visiting. Even if it’s just a park around the corner, take some time for yourself to just enjoy spending quality time outdoors with good company and food, and I promise it’ll make any day better.

If you have any favourites that you’ve discovered or enjoyed this month, drop them in the comments below!

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