Quick Acne Fixes – How I Get Rid Of Spots Fast

After my previous skincare routine post and my acne journey post, I’ve noticed a lot of people relating to my situation – sensitive, acne-prone skin can be hard to deal with. It’s especially annoying when you get those large spots that look like a ‘traffic light’, as my mum used to say. Over the years, I’ve trialled and tested many products and methods, from the toothpaste trend, to a natural, home-ingredients blend (none of which worked).From this, I have narrowed down some of the best tips and tricks to share in this post. So next time you have a ‘traffic light’ arising, try these tips and products and see how you get on!

I also want to note that I’m not an expert whatsoever, I’m just posting what works for me.

Where You Get Spots and What This Means

It’s important firstly to note where you get spots and how you can prevent them from getting there. Spots in different areas of your face are caused by different things, which I’ll outline now (with help from the Nivea website and Cosmopolitan).

Forehead: this is caused by your hair or your diet. Having a fringe where sweat can get caught in, or where residue from hair products gets into your skin and clogs your pores can cause spots. As for diet, too much red meat, alcohol or saturated fats can cause spots too. For example, I find I get spots on my forehead when I eat chocolate. Going into the t-zone, this can be caused by stress and tiredness, although most people are naturally oilier in this area.

Cheeks: Again, this is caused by diet. Too much consumption of red meat, sugar or dairy can cause spots, so try cutting down if you see more coming in this area. Another thing you can try is wiping down your phone every now and again with anti-bacterial wipes as phones carry so much bacteria, and you’re constantly putting them to your face for calls. I’ve recently started doing this myself. Nivea also recommends changing your pillow sheets often, as they also carry a lot of bacteria.

Jawline: again, diet. Jawline spots can happen when you have a congested large intestine, so Nivea and Cosmopolitan recommend cutting down on fast food, biscuits and ready meals (basically just heavily processed foods). I’ve always been brought up to avoid heavily processed foods, but I’ve always been a fan of biscuits. It’s ok to have these things occasionally, but try switching to lighter, more natural foods like fruit, nuts and incorporate more veg into your meals.

Chin/Around The Mouth: chin spots are normally hormonal (I’m definitely acquainted to them!). For all the girls, birth control may help control this, but this is definitely a conversation to have with your doctor – it can worsen them if one form of birth control doesn’t work with you! Otherwise, getting a face wash that is appropriate for your skin type. This is so important, as the wrong face wash can encourage more to come out. In general, I would recommend a face wash containing salicylic acid to help prevent any more outbreaks.

My Tips and Tricks For Getting Rid Of Acne Quickly

Alba Botanica’s Acnedote Oil Control Lotion: I was introduced to this recently and it works really quickly! Apply this twice a day on bare skin, and it either turns your forming spot into a whitehead which will eventually go, or pops the spot within a day or two so then it goes away quicker (in my experience).

Sudocrem: I’ve been using this for years on my spots to help them pop quicker. It has worked for me in terms of making the spot form and pop naturally quicker than it normally would. Sudocrem works to heal, soothe, disinfect and protect the skin, hence why this may work for your acne.

Don’t squeeze your spots: I cannot stress this enough! I stand by this so much, as it has caused me to have so much acne scarring over the years, especially in my early to mid-teens. I don’t pop a spot unless I absolutely HAVE to (which I rarely do, but sometimes for work if I have a massive one, I will). I definitely don’t recommend this though, because sometimes popping it makes it worst – I popped one the other day for the first time in months and it just looked terrible.

If you do pop your spots (please don’t!) and it goes wrong: grab an ice cube (in a tissue if you have too) and keep it on the area so it doesn’t inflame as much. This should calm the area down a little bit. Also put some antiseptic cream on the spot so it doesn’t get infected.

As a long-term fix, I would recommend getting some good skincare (even if it means investing). Taking time to understand your skin type and carefully researching what is recommended will be worth it when it comes to getting rid of your acne. It’s useful to realise what foods trigger your acne too, and try to notice patterns. Monitoring what you eat and lessening some foods that may be worsening your acne will help.

Hopefully these tips will help, and if they do or if you have any tips yourself, share them in the comments below! x

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