Father’s Day Gifts 2020: What To Get For The Dad’s That Want Nothing

If your dad is anything like mine, getting presents for Father’s Day, birthdays or Christmas is impossible. “I don’t want anything” Every. Single. Year. Or, they’re not the sentimental type and just want something ‘useful’. Whilst it’s not all about the gifts, it’s nice to give a little something on their special day. Whatever type of dad you have, hopefully this gift guide will help you find something perfect.

A Bottle of His Favourite Spirit, Liquor, Wine etc.

I think this is a great choice, especially if he has a particular favourite brand that he loves and doesn’t get often. It’s a gift he’ll obviously use and will greatly enjoy, especially if it’s a special treat.


There’s so many options to this: depending on what they’re into, technology can be a great gift. For example, new headphones, a portable charger, a memory storage device for old photos. If you want to spend a little extra, you can maybe get a kindle if they love reading, a fitness watch, an IPad or a camera or GoPro. On the flip side, you can get technology accessories, such as a GoPro stick, a phone holder or a clip-on reading/book light.


I think this is a great option for men in general: a good electric shaver is again useful and will last them a long time. If you have a Boots card, use any points to get one from there, or check out TKMaxx for a good deal.


A useful one that they’ll probably have on them 24/7. Again, you may find a good, high-end wallet at a discounted price at TKMaxx.

A cologne

A good cologne is never a bad option, especially if you know their favourites.

An item of clothing from one of their favourite brands

For example, a jumper, a polo, a good pair of jeans. Just check their normal size before you go and get something!


An obvious, but enjoyable option. Great alone or as an add-on with another small gift.


A good quality pair of slippers can never go wrong, especially if they wear slippers all the time.

A bag

A satchel, rucksack etc

An experience

With coronavirus around, I wasn’t going to include this, but maybe as shops start to open, maybe other companies providing experiences might too. An experience can be anything from a nice dinner, to a Formula 1 Immersive history tour, to paintballing – anything that they’re interested in! Websites such as Virgin Media or Groupon have lots of offers to choose from.

Something sentimental

If you go on websites such as notonthehighstreet and etsy, they have plenty of options for those that like sentimental presents, like personalised mugs, aprons, golf tees, cheese boards etc. There’s something for everyone, if your dad likes sentimental gifts.

Most importantly…spend time with him!

I’m sure what your dad wants more than anything is for you to spend time with him on this special day. Make time to be around him, whether that’s you planning an activity with him or even watching TV with him – the simple things will surely make his day.

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