Black Lives Matter – What You Can Do

Below I’ve linked several pages full of petitions, information and ways to support black businesses and influencers. Don’t post a black box and not take action afterwards. This is not a trend. We all have to take action in whatever capacity we can. This is not a fully-fledged list, but a list with plenty of content to help inform, support and donate however you can. I will never fully understand but I will stand, always. – links to a big list of petitions, donation links, educational resources and other helpful resources. It’s a regularly updated source, so keep an eye out for new updates. – a petition I always thought was important: we don’t learn enough about our history and we’ve always heard about the British empire but not properly studied its ins and outs and how colonisation contributed to racial inequality. – a petition for employers to publish an ethnicity pay gap report to highlight and address inequality in the workplace. – a fundraising campaign set up only days ago, that has managed to raise so much in such a small space of time. All proceeds will go towards Race On The Agenda, which targets British policy and legislation. – donate here to help support young people combat discrimination, support inclusiveness in business at all levels and campaign for equality in honour of Stephen Lawrence. – all you need to do is play this video. Make sure to turn off an ad blocker if you have one, then play it. You can have it on in the background, just don’t skip the ads! All profits made from the video will go towards family funerals and various protester bail funds. – inthefrow – a blogger I’ve been following for years has now come up with a list of black influencers and businesses to follow and support to create more diversity on our social feeds and our buying. I didn’t quite realise how not diverse my feed in particular was until it was highlighted to me, and I’m discovering new people every day. This is a good start into diversifying our feeds and supporting more black creators.

samefacescollective – a collection of posts with reading material, visual material and more donation and petitions recommendations. – a post perfectly describing the current climate and posting very informative links, some again updated frequently, with plenty of reading material and activism pages to follow and support.

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