May Roundup – My Favourite Things This Month

We’re nearly halfway through 2020 (can you believe it!) and I thought it would be a good idea to start doing monthly roundups of my recommendations for the month, from TV and film to fitness to clothing. If you’re bored in quarantine and need something to watch or something to inspire you, or have been looking for something in particular this month, hopefully this will help!

TV and Film

Blood Diamond – I’ve only seen clips of the film before, but it came up the other day and I decided to watch it in full. It’s a great film about the reality of diamonds that are mined in areas controlled by rebel forces in the midst of war zones (such as Sierra Leone) that are then sold and used to purchase arms/fund them as a whole. They are henceforth called Blood Diamonds or Conflict Diamonds because of this. It is a heavy film, in that it features the abducting and brainwashing of child soldiers and a man trying to find his family again within this war, but overall, I would highly recommend it as it has a great, realistic storyline and the acting is amazing (it features Leonardo DiCaprio, one of my favourites, and Djimon Hounsou, who also did a phenomenal job).

Selling Sunset (Netflix) – with season 2 being newly released, it’s been all over people’s socials and screens since its airing. I started watching the day season 1 was released and fell in love, so I couldn’t wait for season 2 to be released. Selling Sunset is a reality show based in a real estate brokerage, following the lives of the tight-knit group of women and the Oppenheim brothers and the entry of a new girl. It shows the most luxurious properties on Sunset Boulevard worth millions and the drama that comes with joining a new group. Season 2 left on a huge cliff-hanger, so I can’t wait for season 3 in August. Definitely one of my reality TV show favourites.

Dynasty (Netflix) – season 3 has just been released in full, and despite not having the planned ending due to COVID-19, the season did not disappoint: again, Dynasty (2020) was a show I watched since the beginning, and season 3 was so full of twists and turns that even long-time viewers wouldn’t have expected. It follows the lives of the 1%, mainly focussing on the Carrington family, and how multi-millionaires balance their business and their family (spoiler alert: they don’t). With scandals galore, Dynasty is a much watch for all the drama you could ever need in your life in one show.

Sweet Magnolias (Netflix) – I’m so glad I found this show: it’s only 10 episodes long and is just a sweet, easy-going show. It follows strong friendships, family, divorce and romance to make a captivating show that you just want to binge in one go. Despite me being extremely mad at the ending and the cliff-hanger it ended on, I would definitely recommend this one.

Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich (Netflix) – Another very heavy show, so it might not be for everyone, but a very interesting and insightful documentary into the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. It features multiple victims of the scandal telling their stories, and it was truly mind-blowing to see the power this man had and just how horrifying his actions were. I would definitely recommend if you’re into documentaries like these.


Madfit – Maddie has been around for some time, but I only discovered her recently: she posts killer workout videos on Youtube (real-time, follow-along workouts, which I love!) and Instagram, suitable for the gym and at home, which I personally prefer. She really gets you working hard and there’s something for all levels on her channel. She also has a substantial amount of male followers, so even guys can join in with these!


Nastygal Wrap Dress – I’ve been looking for a red, long-ish dress with some ruffles for a while, almost embracing some sort of Spanish/Latin-style in my look. I saw this dress on Nastygal and thought I’d give it a go, and safe to say, I’m happy with my purchase! It’s a bit longer than expected, but I guess that’s my fault for not checking the model height beforehand, but I think it’s amazing, especially considering the price! It comes in at £17.50 (and also comes in black, which is just as nice!)


Topshop Black Dress – The perfect LBD! So flattering and hugs all your curves in the right places. Not much else to say apart from how impressed I am by this dress and how much I love it. It’s currently only £20 now too!


Topshop Halter Neck Top – A perfect basic which is so flattering. When I ordered, only the black was available in my size and I was not disappointed. For only £6 (was £7 when I ordered), this is a must have in your wardrobe. It’s so easy to pair with shorts, skirts and trousers of many styles – on a night out, for lunch, for a walk, pretty much anything!


Treat Yourself

Bloom & Wild – A company for every occasion. Flowers are such a beautiful gift, for any event, whether that’s thank yous, birthdays, celebrations etc, and this company has it all sorted out. All you need is an address, and you can deliver a bunch of your choice, beautifully wrapped, with a complimentary card and a personalised message all within days. I ordered a bunch of letterbox flowers for my parents and it arrived within 2 days and I was so impressed with how long they lasted (around a week and a half!) and the flowers were so incredibly beautiful. I used a discount code which got me £10 off, but if you type my name into ‘referred by a friend’, you can get the same! I would highly recommend this service, as they’re so friendly, have a great website and most importantly, the flowers were stunning and went down a hit (as did the packaging!)

I hope you enjoyed this roundup and hopefully gained inspiration from it! Let me know if you watch, try or buy something below x

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