My Sensitive, Combination, Acne-prone Skincare Routine

I’ve struggled a lot with my skin all throughout my teenage years. I have a mix of sensitive skin (meaning I need delicate products – my skin in particular doesn’t take well to any exfoliants), combination (dry in some areas, oily in others) and acne-prone skin (I mainly had acne of my forehead, temples and chin growing up). No matter what I was recommended or what I googled, nothing worked for me.

My skin has got a lot better in the last year or so, where I’ve used a combination of these products, some old, some new. (Quick disclaimer: I’m not a skincare expert, this is just what works for me! I would also like to point out that I went on the pill and it helped my skin a lot, but can have the opposite effect too, so make sure to check with your doctor first).  The list below features a mix of high-end and high-street products. If you’re like me and have raided the shelves for any skin products you prayed would work then didn’t, give these a go if you have a similar skin type.

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

Not even joking when I say this: takes off 90% of your makeup when you use it. This stuff is incredible! I got this in a gift bag and just fell in love. You use this on a dry face, gently rub it in, then rinse with warm water. It’s so gentle and does the job amazingly. I always use this whenever I’ve had a day wearing makeup (yes, even after a night out – I always break out with spots if I don’t cleanse my skin properly) and it gets most of it off. Then, I do my normal skincare routine afterwards. A bit on the pricier side, but it’s a massive tub so it lasts a while. Also, a little goes a long way. (£25.00 for 125ml / £20.00 for 100ml)

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Foam

Clinique have an amazing anti-blemish line, which dramatically changed my skin for the better. Although a little pricey, I can see the difference over time. This product helps prevent blemishes, calms any redness, removes dirt and excess oil and unclogs pores. You can use this day and night, and only need 2 pumps, so this lasts a long time too. This is such a gentle cleanser so is perfect for sensitive skin too. (£19.00 for 125ml)

Garnier SkinActive Rose Soothing Toner (for dry and sensitive skin)

I always use this after my cleansing balm to remove the rest of my makeup and use this even on a makeup-free day to get rid of any impurities. There’s a reason everyone has this: it’s on the cheaper side and does the job just as well as any other product. It’s soft, soothes your skin and is made up of 96% natural origin ingredients (all vegan formula), including rose water (which works as a great anti-inflammatory product and helps control excess oils and the skins pH balance). (£3.49 for 200ml)

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clarifying Lotion

This is the last Clinique product, I promise! The one thing I am more accepting to spending money on is decent skincare, and they all do the job. This has similar effects to the cleansing foam, just in a stronger lotion form: it unclogs pores, reduces redness and controls excess shine. It also contains salicylic acid, which has antibacterial properties and works as an exfoliant (which is so much better in a liquid form as my skin doesn’t react well to scrub exfoliants, as mentioned before). However, I wouldn’t recommend this to people with dry skin. Again with this, a little goes a long way, so it will last a while. (£19.00 for 200ml)

Revolution CBD Nourishing Oil (for dry skin)

I was recommended this to try and get rid of the scarring on my chin left from spots, and I was so pleasantly surprised by the outcome (thanks Caroline if you’re reading!). This product is very oily, so I wouldn’t recommend this to someone who has more oily-combination skin. However, I have tried the Revolution CBD Serum, which almost does the same thing, it’s just not as oily (and comes to the same price too!), so whatever you feel is best. You only really need a few drops as its really nourishing. Its fragrance free, alcohol free, gluten free and paraben free, all with a vegan formula. (£10.00 for 30ml)

Simple Protect ‘n’ Glow Radiance Booster SPF 30

I picked this up recently as I was struggling to find a high-street moisturiser with SPF in it (which was surprisingly hard actually – if you have any recommendations, let me know!). I saw this in Boots and thought I might give it a go just to see how it works: I haven’t seen much of a change, but at least I know my skin is protected! SPF is so important for your skin, and this ‘liquid moisturiser’ (as described on their website, but I would call it more of an oil) protects against UVA, UVB, pollution and blue light, which ticks many boxes. However, I did see on my next trip to Boots that they have a triple protect moisturiser in the same range, they were probably just out of stock when I was looking for an SPF product, so if you think that would work better for you, give it a try. This is very watery in consistency and maybe combined with the CBD Serum from Revolution it wouldn’t work for everyone, but a small amount works for me and keeps me protected. (£5.29 for 50ml at Superdrug)

Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Eye Balm

I’ve had this one eye cream for ages now, and it seems to work: I’m honestly not too knowledgeable about eye creams, but this does have a very soothing feeling to it, so I keep using it. It’s non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic. This eye cream also targets sensitive skin. (£3.99 for 15ml at Superdrug)

Simple Kind to Skin Revitalising Roll-On

I don’t use this every day, but this is the most relaxing and refreshing product I own probably. Just roll this under your eyes to reduce puffiness and feel (if not look) more awake. Again, this is perfect for sensitive skin. (£5.19 for 15ml at Superdrug)

Vichy Normaderm Correcting Anti-Blemish Care

This is a new purchase for me as well: I previously used Clinique’s anti-blemish moisturiser, then the Clinique smart-day (with SPF) and smart-night creams (which I received in a gift, but I later found out that for my age/skin type, the smart-day/night creams weren’t really necessary or targeted for me). I was looking for an option that was cheaper, targeted acne, was good for sensitive skin and has SPF. After a long look, this was the closest I could find (minus the SPF, which I mentioned before): the Vichy Normaderm Correcting Anti-Blemish Care moisturiser works quickly to combat acne (even hormonal acne!), makes the skin look radiant, is a light texture, is non-greasy and provides 24 hours of hydration. It also smells amazing! The moisturiser again contains salicylic acid, targeting oily skin. I’ve found this to be an amazing dupe for what I’ve previously had and would strongly recommend for people with my skin type.

And that’s it! A mix of high-end and high-street products that make up by daily skincare routine. If you have any recommendations, have tried or are planning to try any of these, let me know in the comments!

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